The limits of blood magic are still undefined.
— Bloodmage Lynnore
I perform my magic with blood. All blood is different, and the Blasted Lands has several useful flavors, if you know where to look."
— Kasim Sharim

Sanguine Chamber

Bloodstone Artifacts
  • Prophet of Sseratus yells: With the power of the wild gods burning in our veins, none, not even the Lich King, can stand in our way!
  • B [15-30] A Bloodmage's Gotta Eat Too, Bloodmage Drazial: "Contrary to popular belief, blood elf bloodmages do NOT drink blood. We eat normal food like everybody else" "I'm famished! If you don't hurry, I might actually resort to drinking our reagents"
  • H [20-60] A Gallon of Blood, Primalist Thurloga: "You have the option of offering larger quantities of the blood taken from our enemies. I will be glad to accept gallon sized offerings, <name>.":  [Stormpike Soldier's Blood] "The blood of our enemies has been shed. I shall mix this blood with the rest that has been gathered. Once the offering is complete, the Ice Lord shall show these Stormpike dogs the full wrath of the Frostwolf Clan!"
  • H [15-30] Black Blood of Yogg-Saron, Borus Ironbender: "Angrathar, the Wrathgate... I watched as the metal holding the gate together pulsed and undulated as if it were alive! In 50 years I've never seen metal "breathe."

Only ones who knew anything about it were the tuskarr. They called it the "Black Blood of Yogg-Saron" and told me to keep my distance. There's a sinkhole outside Icemist Village to the west called the Pit of Narjun. I've heard of these sinkholes being rich with this strange ore. If you head that way, could you try and get me some samples?" "I'll need time to analyze the metal and see if I can do anything with it! Tests! I need to run tests!"  [Black Blood of Yogg-Saron Sample]

  • N [30-35] Bleed the Bloodshaper, Maruut Stonebinder: "The Twilight's Hammer are wielding foul magic here, <name>. They animate and energize the remains of Deathwing's blood, so that instead of drying out and disappearing it thrives and becomes more abundant.

Take out one of the bloodshapers, see if they have any clues as to where we can find this "forgemaster.""

  • A [1-30] Blood Crystals, Blood Crystal: "On the surface, the crystal appears to be a piece of the Exodar. Something has gone terribly wrong with this crystal, however, as it is blood red and rapidly dissolving into the water supply of the cave.

This may explain the unusually aggressive behavior of the creatures in Azuremyst. Return to High Chief Stillpine with this information."

You must face Queen Lana'thel in battle and subject yourself to her Blood Mirror. This will cause Shadow's Edge to drink the blood of the nearest living being. That being would be you, <race>. Once the blade has been thus awakened, allow the Queen's Frenzied Bloodthirst to take hold of you, feed the blade thrice to sate it, and then give the queen an ignominious death."

  • N Fishing [10-30 Daily] Blood is Thicker, Marcia Chase: "The bloodtooth is a feisty little fish used in a recipe to cure infected wounds. We could use some of them, if you're up to it.

As the name suggests, they've a hunger for blood. The only way I know how to catch the little devils is by creating a blood pool and fishing in it. Get yourself covered in blood - just slaughter a beast in the Borean Tundra - and then jump in the water. It'll wash right off and create the perfect fishing spot."

  • B [15-30] Blood Ritual, Kasim Sharim:"I suppose you want to know what we're doing. Here's the short version - a version at which I happen to be an expert:

The Shadowsworn cultists wish to summon the demon, Razelikh, back to the Blasted Lands. We cannot allow this to happen. So we're going to summon him ourselves, and then kill him. A task not as simple as it sounds... Let me know when you are ready to begin the blood ritual, and then stand back."

Defias Blood Wizard

  • B [15-30] Blood Ritual, Bloodmage Lynnore:"Our goal is to find the demon hunter, Loramus Thalipedes. Let me know when you are ready to begin the blood ritual, and then stand back."
  • N [10-30] Blood Theory, Thressa Amberglen: "The land is not all that has changed in Desolace. Here, the wildlife has responded to their new environment in strange and sometimes exciting ways.

I am particularly interested in the Rejuvenated Thunder Lizards that roam just to the west. I need a sample of their blood. You may begin helping me by using this jar of leeches on a few of them. Once they've filled on the blood of those beasts, return them to me."  [Blood-Filled Leech]

  • N [25-30 Daily] Blood for Blood, Magistrix Seyla: "When Kael's forces retreated through that portal, his most loyal lackeys were rewarded with an abominable gift. They stayed behind and gorged themselves on the blood of demons for days.

The blood has changed them, given them new powers. It will also prove their undoing. Obtain blood samples from other demons. Use them to power this fel siphon and deprive these arrogant fools of their new powers. Slay them in their weakened state and return to me." "Fools. They learned to drain fel energy but did not learn how to retain it. We were lucky, <name>. An experienced felblood would've surely been a formidable opponent."  [Demonic Blood] from nearby Wrath Heralds to power the  [Fel Siphon]

  • N [25-30] Blood in the Water, Lord-Commander Arete: "The forces at Onslaught Harbor are heavily reinforced by gryphon riders. You need a mount that will enable you to put them down. But first, we need the components for the ritual that is going to make it all happen.

A great deal of blood is necessary for the ritual to be undertaken. <The lord-commander points down and to the northwest.> There is a readily available supply down there in the harbor... sharks. Do not return to me until you've filled this bladder with their blood."

  • N [20-30] Blood of a Dead God, Har'koa: "Mam'toth, the god of the mammoths, destroyed himself, and took much of his temple with him, rather than allowing his trolls to gain his power.

If I'm to sacrifice a portion of my spirit, I will need something with which to bolster myself. Mam'toth left behind an enormous crater to the northeast, just north of the Altar of Quetz'lun. Within the crater his blood yet lives. Bring it to me."

It's said they were formed from the blood of Agamaggan, the great demigod that the quilboar sprang from. I knew the quilboar prized them, but nobody would think they'd take the time and care to carve them like this one... There may be more to learn here."

  • N [30-35] Blood of the Earthwarder, Seer Kormo:"The cultists at Deathwing's Fall harvest and shape the corrupted blood he left behind into living organisms to draw from their power.

What if a trace of the Earthwarder's essence remains? After all, Neltharion was the aspect of earth before he was the aspect of death. Gather samples from the living blood the cultists have created and we'll see if any trace of the Earthwarder remains."

Tenris Mirkblood

  • N [15-30] Blood to Thrive, Mazoga: "To survive in de harsh desert, de Sandfury had to learn all de secrets of blood magic. You drink de blood, you get de power...darkest voodoo, yah? But dere be no room for holdin' back out here.

If we gonna find de sword, we need blood. Lucky for ya, Mazoga be a traitor, yah? And dere be plenty of Sandfury trolls wanderin' over de hills dere. Go an' get Mazoga blood...plenty of blood...and we make de ritual to find Jang'thraze." "Ya ain't been drinkin' it yaself, eh? I need all of it..." "<Mazoga gathers the pile of blood in his hands and raises it to his mouth. It liquifies and pours gorily down his throat.> Dey drink de blood, dey get de power. I drink dere blood... <Mazoga gives you a wide, blood-smeared grin.>"

  • N [25-30] Bloody Imp-ossible!, Sab'aoth: "The blood of the warp chasers in this area is a powerful and rare reagent. It's one of my biggest sellers.

Normally, I take my imp, Zeppit, out to help me gather it. Warp chaser blood is simply too caustic to be handled safely by you or I, but it doesn't bother Zeppit."

  • H [10-30] Boiling Blood, Apothecary Albreck: "That last experiment was not a complete loss -- I did save a small bit of the blood you brought me. Now boiled down, it should be free of whatever curses the Bleeding Hollow witches placed on their people's blood.

I need more for study. Go gather Bleeding Hollow blood from the orcs in Zeth'Gor. When you've gathered the blood, bring it to their cursed cauldron and boil it."

  • H [10-30] Bonechewer Blood, Vurtok Axebreaker: "Kill Bonechewer orcs and collect their vile blood. There is an apothecary who needs the blood for her tests, so we can discover how these orcs fell to the demon taint, a taint from which we so recently freed ourselves."
  • H [33] Foul Magics, Tor'gan "On the ground I spied an amulet of bloodstone, used to assist in demonic summoning. The one I found was depleted, however. I'll need another to examine, but I dare not return to the manor. Can you bring me some?"
  • N [15-30] A Gift For Fiona, Tarenar Sunstrike "Kill some of the plaguehounds north of here, then bring their blood to Fiona at the caravan, down by the river. She'll love it." "Why, this is exactly what I needed! Fine, I'll forgive Tarenar for running off."
  • A [15-30] The First Step, Kasim Sharim "Like any good bloodmage, I perform my magic with blood. All blood is different, and the Blasted Lands has several useful flavors, if you know where to look."