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I Have It Set To Muffins is a small Alliance-side guild on the Feathermoon server.


Guild leader: Tziva
Founded: 03.03.08
Ranks: All named for delicious baked goods
Recruitment: None
Members: ≈20 unique accounts

Muffins does not classify itself as any particular type of guild. Members range from weekend casuals, to roleplayers, to PvPers, to serious raiders. The majority of members are PvE-focused.


Muffins began in the Burning Crusade expansion by real-life friends Tziva, Renitoor, and Bendric to shield their alts from ninja guild invites and recruitment pitches. The name was picked by Tziva and Bendric based on an inside joke. The original guild leader was Tziva's alt, Maggen.

Original intentions of the guild were not serious; it was viewed as just a label without the commitment, and a shared bank and chat channel. Aside from the charter signatures, the roster was entirely composed of the trio's alts. The guild held no meetings, had no rules, no goals, one shared rank and did not recruit additional members.

However, the guild began to grow slowly as more real life friends and family members joined the game and the guild. In-game friends began placing their alts within the guild for the same recruitment protection and access to the guild bank full of low-level crafting materials. Slowly, these new players and alts began to hit the level cap, some with heavy playtime, and a few people rerolled their main characters. Bendric and Renitoor eventually chose to move their main characters to join their army of alt toons.

Several raiding buddies from MCA saw this growing guild and asked if they could join, bringing additional mains and alts, and encouraging their own real life friends to come along. By-mid Wrath of the Lich King, it became clear that Muffins could no longer be dismissed as a glorified chat channel. Unintentional or not, it was now a genuine guild with many active main characters.

With the announcement at Blizzcon 2009 of the Cataclysm expansion and the new guild system, Tziva began to reevaluate the goals of the guild. Tziva resigned as an officer in Order of the White Tower and moved her main to Muffins to take the role of guild leader. Although Muffins would stay true to itself as a small friends-only guild, it would move to take advantage of the new guild support system. It was important to everyone that members gained access to the new guild achievements, perks and other rewards that were coming. A charter was written, ranks were adjusted and a website with fully functional forums and a blog was created for members to use.


Muffins does not consider itself a raiding guild, although a large portion of its membership does raid. Interested players raid through Feathermoon's oldest raiding alliance, the MCA. It is through the MCA that many raiding members initially met.


Muffins does not actively recruit and regularly turns down strangers who request membership. However, the guild regularly invites in-game friends and raiding buddies at their request, as well as any real-life friends or family of active members.