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Major Characters:

Beve Perenolde

Lady Beve Perenolde
Image of Lady Beve Perenolde
Title <Princess of Alterac>
Gender Female
Race(s) Human
Class Warlock
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Princess of Alterac, Leader of the Syndicate, Winterax Ice Trolls, and Crushridge Ogres
Location Ruins of Alterac, Alterac Mountains
Status Alive
Relative(s) Aiden Perenolde (father), Isolde Perenolde (mother), Aliden Perenolde (brother), Isiden Perenolde (cousin)
Mentor(s) Darbel Montrose, Marez Cowl
Companion(s) Lord Falconcrest (former partner and lover)

She is the oldest child of Aiden and Isolde. Her mother had numerous miscarriages after her birth. This led Beve to believe that she was going to be the heir of the throne. Eventually, her mother successfully gave birth to her brother, Aliden. Isiden would also come to live with them. The presence of her brother and cousin made her angry given that they would have more chances of becoming the next heir to the throne. She also grew distant from her father and mother who gave more attention to Aliden and Isiden respectively. She felt that she was being treated less because she was a woman and this made her develop a strong hatred of men.

She decided to study magic in Lordaeron far away from her family. She did so well that she has even caught the attention of mages from Dalaran. She was so absorbed into honing her magical talent that she only had few friends. When her mother died, she opted to stay in the academy and continue her studies instead of attending the funeral back at home. She also caught the attention of many nobles but she turned them all down. She eventually thought to herself that she could claim the throne of Alterac through force if she had to and this made her even more dedicated to her studies.

Unfortunately, the Second War broke out and because of her father's treachery during the war, her family's authority has been jeopardized. She halted her studies and chose to return to Alterac during the Alterac Crisis. After some heated discussion, her father and the other nobles decided to help the Horde of Draenor. She personally lead the raid in Stormwind City to retrieve the Book of Medivh, killing a lot of people, including the renowned Mara Fordragon, in the process. The Horde of Draenor then crushed the Alliance forces around Alterac City for the book. Unfortunately, vengeful Alliance reinforcements came and sacked the city banishing her together with the upper echelons of Alterac from their lands.

When the Syndicate was formed by her father during the Third War, she plotted to take over herself. Despite their early successes, her father was captured by Alliance Remnants and left to rot in prison. Before she could make her move, Aliden assumes leadership of the Syndicate.

She sought the protection of Lord Falconcrest in Stromgarde. While there, she has caught the attention of Argus Wake members stationed there. They taught her the dark arts making her an even more powerful spellcaster and allowing her to regain her youth. Eventually, news of Aliden’s death reached the Syndicate in Stromgarde, Falconcrest and Beve prepared to take over the Syndicate’s holdings in Alterac Mountains but Falconcrest would also end up being assassinated. This didn’t stop Beve from returning to Alterac.

Once she got there, she was able to rally the remaining Syndicate members. In one of their raids in the town of Tarren Mill, she was able to acquire the  [Crown of Will]. Using this together with mental manipulation, she was able to exert control over the Winterax Ice Trolls and the Crushridge Ogres. Her forces then settled in the ruins of Alterac. As they were slowly rebuilding their forces, she heard news that Aliden (now a Forsaken) and Isiden (now a Worgen) are also preparing to decisively claim Alterac for the Horde and the Alliance respectively. As the only one free from any “taint” among the three, she believes that she is the only one who deserves to rule Alterac and devises a plan to impede her brother’s and cousin’s campaigns. She conjured a blizzard in Alterac Mountain to protect her forces until they are ready to strike against her enemies.


Beve and her classmates discuss about Beve's plans for the future.

Classmate #1 says: You have caught the attention of many nobles and yet you have chosen none of them. Why?
Classmate #2 says: Perhaps our friend, Beve, here would only settle for a prince?
Classmate #1 says: Oh yes! That way, she would become queen.
Beve Perenolde says: If I were to become queen, it would be by my own hands and not because of some marriage and once I am queen, I would be in control and not just someone to bear an heir to the throne.
Classmate #2 says: So you're still bitter about your brother inheriting the throne, huh?

Beve becomes acquainted with Argus Wake members.

Darbel Montrose says: Look at what we have here, Marez.
Marez Cowl says: Her magical talents are good but she still has a long way to go.
Beve Perenolde yells: Excuse me! You young whelps better show respect to your elders.
Darbel Montrose says: I may look young but I had been around since the time of your grandfather, your highness.
Marez Cowl says: Clearly, you have no idea of the powers we possess.
Beve Perenolde says: Teach me then.
Darbel Montrose says: Our services come at a high price. How far are you willing to go?
Beve Perenolde says: I would give whatever you want even those which my brother refuse to give you.
Marez Cowl says: Let the training commence then.

Beve quarrels with Aliden during their fight.

Beve Perenolde yells: You will always be a hindrance to my plans.
Aliden Perenolde says: And you will always be the jealous type.
Beve Perenolde says: I will just have to make sure you stay dead this time.

Beve quarrels with Isiden during their fight.

Beve Perenolde yells: You mangy cur!
Beve Perenolde says: As if Aliden was not enough trouble.
Isiden Perenolde says: I never wanted any trouble.
Isiden Perenolde says: I just did what I think is right.

Aliden Perenolde

HordeLord Aliden Perenolde
Image of Lord Aliden Perenolde
Title <Prince of Alterac>
Gender Male
Race(s) Forsaken
Class Rogue
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Forsaken, Horde
Occupation Prince of Alterac
Location Strahnbrad, various locations throughout Alterac Mountains
Status Undead
Relative(s) Aiden Perenolde (father), Isolde Perenolde (mother), Beve Perenolde (sister), Isiden Perenolde (cousin)
Mentor(s) Aedelas Blackmoore
Companion(s) Baron Vardus

After being raised by the Val’kyr, he becomes the leader of a Forsaken detachment sent to secure Alterac. Given that Alterac once belonged to the Perenoldes, the Forsaken with Aliden was allowed by the Horde to set foot in Alterac despite the Frostwolves’ opposition. Should Aliden be successful in conquering Alterac, he was to be given the authority to govern it for the Horde but more importantly for the Forsaken. Aiden, who was also resurrected, was initially chosen by the Forsaken for this position but when he proved to be incompetent as Dumass, Aliden was chosen in his place. As the son of the last official king of Alterac, Aliden believes that he should be the one to rule Alterac even in undeath. He views undeath as a gift and is overjoyed by it in contrast to his Stromgardian counterpart, Galen Trollbane. He is extremely angry after he heard that the Alliance has sent its own force led by Isiden to claim Alterac. He sees Isiden as an opportunist who has been trying to usurp the throne from him ever since. As for the remaining Syndicate, Aliden has no problem in dealing with his former allies should they get in his way. He couldn’t care less for Beve either. After he kills her, he plans to make sure that she wouldn’t be resurrected as she would simply try to usurp his position again given the chance.


Aliden quarrels with Isiden during their fight.

Aliden Perenolde yells: You were always much of a dog...
Aliden Perenolde says: ... begging for scraps from someone else's table.
Isiden Perenolde says: I'm sorry you think of it that way.
Isiden Perenolde says: But I take pride in the allies I have.

Isiden Perenolde

AllianceLord Isiden Perenolde
Image of Lord Isiden Perenolde
Title <Prince of Alterac>
Gender Male
Race(s) Worgen
Class Hunter
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Gilneas, Alliance
Occupation Prince of Alterac
Location Barony Mordis, various locations throughout Alterac Mountains
Status Alive
Relative(s) Aiden Perenolde (father), Isolde Perenolde (mother), Beve Perenolde (cousin), Aliden Perenolde (cousin)
Mentor(s) Genn Greymane
Companion(s) Tess Greymane (lover)

A long time before the opening of the Dark Portal, Isiden’s parents were killed in a skirmish between Stromgarde and Alterac. He has been living under the royal family ever since. His presence was scorned by both Aliden and Beve who sees him as a potential threat to their individual ambitions. On the other hand, Isolde was happy to spend time with him because he was the only one available given that Aliden was being trained by Aiden to become the next ruler of ALterac while Beve was old enough at that time.

The Second War erupted and Isiden was present in the gathering of high ranking officials in Alterac when King Aiden announced his intention to side with the Horde. Isiden preferred to remain quiet although he sympathized with nobles, such as Baron Valimar Mordis and Lord Alexei Barov, who opposed Aiden.

After the Second War came the Alterac Crisis. Some Alterac officials feared that King Terenas might give way to King Thoras’ demand of splitting Alterac between Lordaeron and Stromgarde instead of letting Aliden ascend the throne. Fearing that they might lose their holdings, they approached Isiden and convinced him to lay claim to the throne. They reasoned that he was close enough to the royal family to claim the throne but also far enough not to be associated directly to Aiden and his treachery, unlike Aliden who is already looked down upon by a lot of Alliance officials for being the son of a traitor. Their next problem was finding a powerful figure to back them up. Nonhuman members did not dare meddle with Human politics; the Kirin Tor was more interested in studying the Orcs; Admiral Proudmoore would not care whether it was Terenas’ or Thoras’ petition that is going to be followed because he was friends with both kings; and King Varian at that time did not really hold any power.

Luckily for them, one of the officials was acquainted with Lord Godfrey of Gilneas. They sneaked out of Alterac City which was under martial law at that time and reached Gilneas where they were welcomed by Godfrey. They approached Genn and presented their petition. They warned him that Terenas might go after him next once either Lordaeron sets up a “puppet state’ in Alterac or acquires a portion of it. Eventually, Genn backed Isiden to become new king of Alterac. In order to set up closer relations between Gilneas and Alterac in the future, Genn planned to wed his daughter, Tess, to Isiden. The relationship between Isiden and the Greymane family soured when Genn opt to support Daval Prestor but it got better when the latter mysteriously disappeared. Eventually, news of Alterac City’s destruction for betraying the Alliance for a second time reached Gilneas. Genn gave up on Isiden’s claim and instead put his efforts in having a wall separating Gilneas from the rest of the continent. Isiden and his backers were given no choice but to stay in Gilneas because they had nowhere to go back to. In addition, Isiden and Tess had already developed feelings for each other. Prince Liam of Gilneas however looks down on him for abandoning his kingdom and living off another country’s resources.

The Scourging of Lordaeron then began and Isiden was concerned on what had happened to Alterac but couldn’t really do anything. He did ask some volunteers from outside the wall to go investigate but none of them returned.

Eventually the Worgen Curse spread throughout Gilneas and Isiden was one of the few people who knew Genn was already infected. Just as Krennan was finished in making a cure, Genn turned into a Worgen and went on a rampage. Isiden and others present were able to administer the cure to Genn but Isiden got himself bit in the process as well.

The Forsaken invasion began and Isiden guarded Greymane Manor where Tess and Mia stayed. During the evacuation to Keel Harbor, he had heard about how Liam died for his country and wished to emulate him. After saying farewell to Tess and her family he stayed in Gilneas and joined the Gilneas Liberation Front. They resorted to guerrilla tactics and succeeded in liberating Gilneas once the 7th Legion had arrived. It was during this time that Isiden and his supporters departed for Alterac. Isiden hopes to redeem the Perenolde name and restore Alterac to its former glory. He hopes that Beve could still be redeemed as well but believes that Aliden is beyond redemption given his condition.


Isiden quarrels with Beve during their fight.

Isiden Perenolde says: The Forsaken are our real enemies.
Isiden Perenolde says: I can ask my superiors to grant you and your troops clemency but only if you stand down now.
BevePerenolde yells: I don't need help from men especially from the likes of you!

Isiden quarrels with Aliden during their fight.

Isiden Perenolde says: I'm sorry Aliden...
Isiden Perenolde says: But there is nothing else I can do for you.
Aliden Perenolde yells: I don't need anything from you, Beve, or anybody else!
Aliden Perenolde says: I am quite capable of getting what I want with my own abilities.

Minor Characters:

Abercrombie: He is a renowned embalmer from Stormwind. He was responsible for preserving the body of Isolde. His life was spared from the orcish onslaught during the First War because he was busy in Alterac at that time. He is not present in or near Alterac at the present but he is mentioned by Aiden when talking about Isolde.

Aiden Perenolde: He is the last official king of Alterac. The Forsaken found and raised him in order to claim parts of Alterac separate from the holdings of the Frostwolves. Unfortunately, he has been dead for a very long time and this made him mentally challenged after his resurrection. Because of this, governorship of a Forsaken-ruled Alterac was given to his son, Aliden, instead. Aiden, on the other hand, was left to perform menial tasks. He is still addicted to flushbloom and searches for them tirelessly even though it would no longer have any effect on him. He also misses his wife so much that he asks adventurers to retrieve her body so that she can be raised too.

Alexi Barov: He is the undead brother of Weldon Barov. For a long time, he has been battling Weldon for their family’s former holdings. As time passed by, Alexi noticed that not only can the undead be killed, but that some eventually become feral even when left alone. Still somewhat of a noble, he believes that someone who is of the Barov line should be the only one who inherits his family’s holdings. Given that he is unable to procreate because of his condition, the Barov line would be done for if his still living brother were to die. He then made a truce with Weldon and both of them set out to reclaim their family’s holdings together with the help of adventurers. Unfortunately, Alexi has to constantly tolerate Weldon’s snide remarks against him. Even though Caer Darrow would eventually fall back into their hands, these would be occupied by Alliance forces formerly based in Chillwind Camp. Alexi’s presence is tolerated due to Weldon’s insistence and both are placed on house arrest.

Ashlam Valorfist: He was the leader of Chillwind Camp. After the Alliance lost Andorhal, he predicted that the Forsaken would go after Chillwind Camp and decides to pack up and leave. He transfers control of the camp to the Argent Crusade so that the Forsaken won’t be able to conquer it because of the Argent Crusade’s neutrality. While travelling, he and his soldiers discover that Caer Darrow is now under the control of the Barov brothers. They then occupy the area for themselves placing the brothers under house arrest.

Balinda Stonehearth: She is Vanndar’s second in command. She helps in the retreat of Alliance forces from Hillsbrad towards their holdings in Alterac. After reaching their destination, she teleports herself and Human forces out of Alterac and proceeds to Ironforge in order gain reinforcement for the Stormpike.

Belmont: He is the commander of the Forsaken Deathstalkers. It was actually his idea to use a Perenolde as a ticket to Alterac. He personally presents Aliden to Drek’Thar and Cromush allowing the Forsaken to conduct operations within Alterac.

Cromush: He is the overseer of the Horde forces in Lordaeron particularly the Forsaken. He has enjoyed many victories together with them but still keeps a close eye on them. When tensions between the Frostwolves and the Forsaken erupted because of the latter’s intrusion in Alterac, he sided with the Forsaken particularly because the Forsaken presented Aliden as the rightful owner of Alterac. He allowed the Frostwolves to maintain their holdings but stressed that they should at least cater to the non-Forsaken members of the Horde. He is now amassing an army separate from the Forsaken to aid in eliminating the Alliance and anyone else who stands in their way within the vicinity.

Derrington: He was the leader of the Bulwark. When Andorhal was conquered by the Forsaken, he relocates there. He now oversees the city securing the region for the Forsaken while eliminating any Alliance presence left. He is annoyed that he is not going to be able to demolish Chillwind Camp soon now that it is under the Argent Crusade.

Drek'Thar: He is the chieftain of the Frostwolves. When he refused to aid the Forsaken before, the Forsaken devised a plan to get back at him. The Forsaken presented Aliden as rightful owner of Alterac and told Drek’Thar that it was actually them who were trespassing. Drek’Thar scoffs at their claim but was powerless to do anything. Cromush permits the Forsaken to set up bases within Alterac as long as they left the Frostwolves alone. In addition, Cromush reminded him that he and his clan should still cater to the non-Forsaken members of the Horde. Drek’Thar is forced into the sidelines as Cromush rallies Horde troops in his own backyard.

Elysa: She was the former mistress of Aliden. She spread the news of Aliden’s death among the villagers in Strahnbrad causing them to overthrow the leaderless Syndicate out of the town. They had formed their own militia, with Elysa as a high ranking member, and now seek to re-establish contact with nearby Alliance forces.

Fahrad: He is the Grand Master Rogue of the Ravenhodlt. When the Syndicate under Beve attacks Ravenholdt Manor, he agrees with Jorach about requesting aid from the Horde. However, he is wary of former Syndicate members among the Forsaken.

Falstad Wildhammer: He is the representative of the Wildhammer Dwarves in the Council of Three Hammers. When Balinda requested aid for the Stormpike Clan, he is unable to send Wildhammer Dwarf reinforcements because they are preoccupied in defending their own in Aerie Peak. He is simply mentioned in a conversation between Vanndar and Balinda.

Galvangar: He is Drek’Thar’s second in command. He has been accompanying and assisting Drek’Thar since the latter’s disability. He remains with Drek’Thar when Cromush assume command of Horde forces within the vicinity.

Isolde Perenolde: She is the wife of Aiden. She died just as the First War erupted in the south. Aiden loved her so much that he wanted her body to be free of decay. Therefore, he called upon the renowned embalmer, Abercrombie, all the way from Stormwind just to preserve her body. In fact, her body is still intact when adventurers retrieve it for Aiden. When she gets raised however, she becomes feral forcing Aiden to keep her restrained.

Ivar Bloodfang: He is the leader of the Bloodfang Worgen. After losing in Silverpine Forest and Hillsbrad Foothills against the Forsaken, he has resorted to morally questionable acts such as forcefully infecting living Humans and mangling Human corpses he encounters. This has caused the Alliance to consider allying with the Bloodfang pack. Ivar on the other hand believes that the Alliance has been losing because they cling to flimsy morals. He particularly despises Isiden who he thinks is worse than Darius Crowley. Nonetheless, both still work together in Alterac.

Jorach Ravenholdt: He is the lord of Ravenholdt, a group of assassins which is opposed to the Syndicate. When the Syndicate under Beve attacks Ravenholdt Manor, he requests aid from the Horde. Former Syndicate members among the Forsaken however are hesitant in sending aid.

Moira Thaurissan: She is the representative of the Dark Iron Dwarves in the Council of Three Hammers. When Balinda requested aid for the Stormpike Clan, she gladly sends reinforcements as part of a political maneuver to gain popularity among the citizens of Ironforge. She is simply mentioned in a conversation between Vanndar and Balinda.

Muradin Bronzebeard: He is the representative of the Ironforge Dwarves in the Council of Three Hammers. When Balinda requested aid for the Stormpike Clan, he is unable to send Ironforge Dwarf reinforcements because he fears that sending his armies away would leave them vulnerable to the Dark Iron Dwarves. He is simply mentioned in a conversation between Vanndar and Balinda.

Pureheart: She is an Argent Crusade officer stationed at Chillwind Camp. Before Ashlam left with the Alliance from the camp, she is given control of it in the name of the Argent Crusade so that the Forsaken won’t be able to conquer it.

Relios the Relic Keeper: He is the leader of Dalaran Magi left at Dalaran Crater. During the Battle of Silverpine Forest, Horde agents attacked him to take his signet which was needed by Dalar Dawnweaver. He survives albeit missing a finger where his ring used to be. He remains at Dalaran Crater with surviving Dalaran Magi to maintain their holdings there.

Tess Greymane: She is the princess of Gilneas. She is in a relationship with Isiden. Isiden mentions that she is one the people he is fighting for.

Valimar Mordis: He once ruled a small portion of Alterac under the Perenolde. During the Second War, he was among those who opposed Aiden and was subsequently imprisoned. Afterwards, he was allowed to keep his barony while the Perenoldes and most of the nobles were banished. Unfortunately, he and his people were killed and raised by the Scourge. He would eventually break free and try to get revenge on the Scourge by using Anveena Teague as a power source for the artefact known as the Orb of Ner’zhul. However, his long time friend, Trag Highmountain, foils his plan by crushing the orb while it was still in his hand causing a recently raised frost wyrm to crash unto his castle. He survives the ordeal however along with a small fragment of the orb. He still resides in the ruins of his castle raising corpses he can find and forming his own band of undead. His activity has attracted the Forsaken due to his ability to raise nonhuman corpses.

Vanndar Stormpike: He is the leader of the Stormpike Clan which is based in Alterac Valley. After their defeat in Hillsbrad, he orders a full retreat back to Alterac. Afterwards, he orders that Humans among their forces be evacuated for them not to be raised as forsaken. He also tells Balinda to go to Ironforge and ask for help.

Vardus: He was a former noble of Alterac and a high ranking member of the Syndicate. Like Aliden, he was raised by the Val’kyr to serve the Forsaken. When the Ravenhodlt requested assistance from the Horde particularly the Forsaken, Aliden tells him to “do what is right” and sends him together with a handful of soldiers towards Ravenhodlt Manor.

Weldon Barov: He is the still living brother of Alexi Barov. For a long time, he has been battling Alexi for their family’s former holdings. Being a typical noble with a rude attitude, he was eventually ignored by the Alliance forces in the Western Plaguelands. He then sought out help elsewhere and met with Alexi while travelling. After hearing his brother’s thoughts, he was more than happy to make a truce with Alexi. Both of them then set out to reclaim their family’s holdings together with the help of adventurers. Weldon still makes snide remarks against Alexi though. Even though Caer Darrow would eventually fall back into their hands, these would be occupied by Alliance forces formerly based in Chillwind Camp. Weldon insists that Alexi be left alone and both are placed on house arrest.


Alliance Retreat and Forsaken Pursuit

The Alliance retreats from Hillsbrad Foothills while the Forsaken is in hot pursuit. The Alliance has nonhumans serve as the rearguard in order to prevent the Forsaken from further bolstering their forces. Quests would involve either side killing a number of soldiers from the opposite side. Once the Alliance reaches Alterac Mountains, they encounter some Frostwolf sentries but were allowed to retreat. The Alliance forces, including the Alliance player, are teleported to Dun Baldar by Balinda. The Deathstalker Belmont learns about this and is infuriated at the Frostwolves for allowing the Alliance to retreat. He is teleported to Frostwolf Keep together with a handful of guards and the Horde player.

For the Alliance Side, General Vanndar, Captain Balinda, and Ivar hold a meeting. The three agree that they should continue fighting the Horde from their holdings in Alterac but they are split on what to do with the Humans. Ivar wants the Humans to take the Worgen Curse to prevent them from being raised by Val’kyr which would strengthen the Forsaken even more. Vanndar and Balinda oppose this idea and decide that it is best for the Humans to leave the front against the Forsaken instead. Ivar then argues that if the Humans under the Stormpike leave, then they have fewer forces left to defend from the Forsaken onslaught. As the three discuss their current situation, a pack of Worgen led by Isiden arrives. Isiden joins the discussion and tells them that the Humans can depart now that they are present. Unfortunately, Isiden’s reinforcements are still not enough to make up for the Humans according to Ivar. After much debate, the decision whether to take the Worgen Curse or leave is given to the Humans. Most of them agree that they should just leave while others gladly take up the Worgen Curse in order to battle the Forsaken further. Balinda gathers the Humans who want to leave and teleports them out of the area but not before Vanndar asks her to go to Ironforge and ask for reinforcements from the Council of Three Hammers. Ivar sets out on his own with his pack. Isiden then approaches the player and asks help from him/her in making a new base of operations at Alterac City. They are then teleported out of Dun Baldar back into Alterac Mountains.

For the Horde side, Belmont confronts General Drek’Thar who is accompanied by Captain Galvangar in Frostwolf keep. High Warlord Cromush is also present. Belmont accuses Drek’Thar of treason but the latter claims that he and his clan will deal with the Alliance their own way. He adds that the Forsaken are trespassing in Frostwolf territory and therefore should leave immediately. Belmont had already predicted that Drek’Thar would resort to such reasoning and has made preparations to get back at the Frostwolves. He introduces a risen Aliden who he claims as the rightful owner of Alterac. Given that Aliden is a member of the Forsaken, the Forsaken now has a claim over Alterac as well according to Belmont. Belmont adds further insult by claiming that it is the Frostwolves who are trespassing in Forsaken territory. Drek’Thar is angered but couldn’t do anything because of his condition. Galvangar prepares to attack Belmont in Drek’Thar’s stead but is halted by Cromush. Cromush orders that the Forsaken be allowed to perform operations in Alterac as long as they had their own base of operations away from the Frostwolves. Belmont agrees and walks away with Aliden and other Forsaken. Cromush then tells Drek’Thar that other members of the Horde are still allowed to set foot in Frostwolf keep. In addition, he reveals that he has already called upon reinforcements in order to form his own army in Frostwolf Keep which will battle the Alliance in Alterac Valley. He claims that he would succeed where Drek’Thar has failed. Drek’Thar laments on how the younger generation is making the same mistake they did. Galvangar then escorts Drek’Thar back to his residence. Cromush is confident that he has everything under control in Frostwolf keep and orders the player to help the Forsaken instead. When the player approaches the Forsaken envoys, Belmont announces that he is leaving command to Aliden and goes away on other errands. Aliden then tells the player that he seeks to regain control of Alterac City once again and they are teleported out of Frostwolf Keep back to Alterac Mountains.

Barony Mordis and Strahnbrad

In Alterac Mountains, a blizzard prevents the Alliance and the Horde from advancing towards the ruins of Alterac City. Instead, they planned to set up temporary bases on other locations.

Isiden recalls about the barony which is north of the ruined capital and once ruled by Baron Mordis. He decided to set up camp in the ruined town and leads his army there. While travelling towards the location, he shares his thoughts to the player about how he is going to redeem the Perenolde name and restore Alterac to its former glory. He also mentions his relationship with Princess Tess and how Gilneas could also become his responsibility once they marry. Along the way, they encounter Undead whom they dispatch. They noticed that the Undead they had just encountered are neither part of the Forsaken nor even the Scourge. They traced the source of the Undead back to Barony Mordis coincidently. Isiden orders everyone to lay low for a while. They notice that the Undead were gathering corpses all around much like the Forsaken but the difference is that they also included nonhuman ones. They turned their attention towards the one who appeared to be the leader. The leader is holding what seems to be a fragment of an orb, an Orb of Ner’zhul, and use it to raise the corpses. Isiden then notices that the leader of the Undead is none other than Baron Mordis himself. He and everyone else come out in the open to announce themselves to the Undead. Isiden tries to reason with Mordis but the latter fears that Isiden is there to take his land and people from him. He orders the Undead to attack and retreats. Having no other choice, Isiden calls for the extermination of the Undead within the vicinity. Eventually, they encounter Forsaken agents who are interested in Mordis’ ability to raise nonhuman corpses and deal with them as well. Finally, only the ruined castle remains and Isiden infiltrates it together with the player. When they finally reached Mordis, the latter uses the orb fragment one last time to reanimate the frost wyrm that crashed into his castle. Because the orb is simply a fragment of its original power, the frost wyrm is already weak from the beginning. The frost wyrm and the baron are then easily dealt with. Isiden destroys the orb fragment to prevent the Forsaken from having the ability to raise nonhumans. The area phases with Isiden’s force setting up camp within the vicinity. Additional quests involve salvaging for supplies as well as ambushing Forsaken caravans. Eventually, the Bloodfang pack of Ivar rendezvous with Isiden’s troops. They inform Isiden that Aliden is also making a move for Alterac City and has already conquered Strahnbrad. Ivar wants to directly attack Strahnbrad but Isiden suggests a more cautious approach. Isiden then sends a messenger to Alliance troops remaining in the Western Plaguelands to request that they perform a pincer attack together against the Forsaken in Strahnbrad. He asks the player to escort the messenger and as an added precaution, he also sends out decoys.

Meanwhile, Aliden is furious that he is unable to take the former capital back sooner. He needs to find an alternative location to set up his base of operations. He then decides to set out for Strahnbrad. While travelling, he tells the player about how he is going to make his way up among the Forsaken by making Alterac City second only to Undercity. Along the way, they encounter Humans and dispatch them. Aliden orders them to be raised by a Val’kyr and questions them. It turns out that after his death, the people of Strahnbrad rose up against the Syndicate and took the town back to themselves. Fortunately for Aliden, the militia is has not made contact with the Alliance. Aliden and his troops make haste for Strahnbrad. Once there, they proceed to systematically slaughter and raise the Humans. Among the remaining Strahnbrad milita is none other than Aliden’s former mistress, Elysa. When Aliden encounters her, he tells her about how he is going to make her his again. When the battle becomes an obvious victory for Aliden and his troops, Elysa gathers the remaining milita and sets them on fire to prevent them from being raised by the Val’kyr before setting herself on fire as well. The area phases with Aliden’s force setting up camp within the vicinity. After the battle, Aliden tells the player to rest for a while. During this time, the player meets Aliden’s father, Aiden, who is demoted to some sort of caretaker performing menial tasks. Aiden asks the player to gather some flushblooms but he is unable to use it once he gets its. He then directs players to retrieve his wife’s body so that the Val’kyr can raise her. Once Isolde is raised, she begins attacking Aiden but the player subdues her. The Val’kyr tells the player and Aiden that she has been dead for a long time which explains her being feral after her resurrection. However, Aiden insists that he is going to take care of her himself. He puts her in a cage and feeds her with left over body parts littered around the town. Aliden then summons the player and tells him/her to refrain from doing any more of his father’s silly requests. Forsaken agents who survived the skirmish with Isiden’s troops at Barony Mordis suddenly arrive and inform Aliden that Isiden has already taken over Barony Mordis. They add that Isiden has also sent out messengers to the Western Plaguelands probably to ask for reinforcements. Aliden then orders the player to find and kill the messengers before they reach their destination. A Val’kyr carries the player so that they can find the messengers more easily.

The Western Plaguelands

The messenger and the Alliance player arrive at Chillwind Camp but notices that the camp is now completely in under the control of the Argent Crusade. They approach Argent Officer Pureheart and ask her of what has transpired. She tells them that Commander Ashlam Valorfist has left with his troops and gave control of the camp to the Argent Crusade to spare it from the Forsaken onslaught. Unfortunately, she hasn’t heard from them ever since. Just as the messenger and the player are about to leave, an Alliance soldier pretending to be part of the Argent Crusade approaches and tells them to go to Caer Darrow.

Meanwhile, the Horde player hunts down the decoys. Aliden then telepathically converses with the player much like what Sylvanas did in Silverpine Forest. Just to be sure, he tells the player to go to Andorhal and warn High Executor Derrington of a possible Alliance plot to attack the Forsaken in the newly conquered Strahnbrad. The player is carried by the Val’kyr to Andorhal and seeks an audience with Derrington. Derrington tells the player that he has been monitoring Alliance activity for a while already. When he found out about the Alliance troops’ departure from Chillwind Camp, he deployed Forsaken scouts to track them down. Since then, he is still waiting for reports about the Alliance’s whereabouts. Derrington then asks the player to help around Andorhal in the meantime. He gives out quests involving gathering supplies and demolishing old or Alliance-styled buildings.

The messenger and the Alliance player finally arrive at Caer Darrow and meets with Commander Valorfist. Valorfist explains Caer Darrow’s importance as a strategic location in the war against the Forsaken. He adds that when he and his troops got there, only the Barov brothers were present. Despite the brothers’ defiance, they occupied the town and put the brothers under house arrest. He reasons that the Forsaken would have done the same had they got there first and that they are actually doing the brothers a favor by refortifying the place. Afterwards, he receives Isiden’s request from the messenger and pledges to send troops once they had Caer Darrow up and running again. In the meantime, he asks the player to salvage for construction supplies and hunt animals for food. Suddenly, Forsaken scouts assault the area and the player aids in repelling them. Valorfist exclaims that they now have to prepare for the worse.

Surviving Forsaken scouts return to Andorhal and report to Derrington. Derrington is furious that the Alliance is able to acquire Caer Darrow and rallies troops to assault it. Aliden once again contacts the player and tells him/her to aid Derrington by infiltrating the town and causing havoc making it easier for the Forsaken to lay siege. The player then puts on a disguise and goes to Caer Darrow. While the player is observing the Alliance troops’ observation within the town, he/she finds Alexi Barov. Aliden converses with him through the player and orders him to aid in sabotaging the Alliance within Caer Darrow. Alexi refuses claiming that he and his brother has cut off their affiliations with the Forsaken and Alliance respectively. He threatens to tell the Alliance about the player’s presence if he/she does not leave immediately. Aliden gets angry but orders the player to leave him be and to assassinate Weldon instead. After Weldon is assassinated in an isolated room, Aliden orders the player to start a fire within the camp and kill as many troops possible. Finally, he tells the player to rendezvous with Derrington who has already amassed an army at Gahrron’s Withering. During the rendezvous, Derrington tells the player about how they are going to attack Caer Darrow from both land and sea preventing any possible escape. He thanks the player for aiding them in stamping out the last Alliance presence in the Western Plaguelands. He adds that they can handle the siege of Caer Darrow themselves and that Aliden and his troops no longer need to worry about an attack from the rear. The player is then carried off by the Val’kyr to be taken back to Strahnbrad.

From the Alliance point of view, Valorfist orders the player to wipe out any Forsaken troops amassing within the vicinity of Darrowmere Lake. After the deed is done, the player is called back to help in putting out a fire that has started in the camp. Once the fire has been put out, they notice that some of the dead soldiers had weapon wound indicating that they were killed and did not die because of the fire. Among the dead is Weldon. Valorfist quickly accuses Alexi of sabotaging them and orders the player to kill him immediately stating that they don’t have time for investigations and that it is better to be sure given that Alexi was once affiliated with the Forsaken after all. When the player confronts Alexi about Weldon’s murder, he laments about how the Barov line is finished. He then blames the Alliance for dragging them back towards senseless conflict which led to his brother’s death. He attacks the player but is killed. The player reports back to Valorfist and finds out that the Forsaken plans to attack from both land and sea. The player is then tasked with eliminating Forsaken troops attacking from Caer Darrow’s main entrance. Afterwards, the player sinks approaching boats using cannons which have been recently mounted on the town’s wall. Vardus thanks the player for helping them in repelling the Forsaken but tells him/her that more will come. He sadly tells the player that he won’t be able to commit soldiers to Isiden’s plans and has him/her teleported back to Barony Mordis. Isiden is saddened by the news and thinks of an alternative how they are going to be able to deal with Aliden’s army. Suddenly, Ivar returns and tells Isiden of magi struggling at Dalaran Crater. He wants to go himself and aid them with his pack to recruit the mages. Isiden tells the player to accompany Ivar much to Ivar’s annoyance. When Ivar departs before the player, Isiden tells the player that he wants him/her to keep an eye out for Ivar.

When the Horde player returns to Strahnbrad, he/she is congratulated by Aliden. Aliden then notices that somebody is sneaking around. When he orders him to reveal himself, the spy turns out to be a Ravenhodlt agent who was sent there to request for help.

Dalaran Crater and Ravenhodlt Manor

Ivar and his pack together with the player go to Dalaran Crater. Once there, they assist the Dalaran Magi who appear to be fighting Syndicate troops. Afterwards, Ivar asks Relios the Relic Keeper for the magi’s assistance but they refuse claiming that they have to stay there and maintain the crater in case of Dalaran City’s return. Suddenly, the Forsaken magi from Ambermill attack them much to Relios’ horror. Ivar and the player help the Dalaran magi in fending them off. Ivar once again confronts Relios and warns him that should he and the Dalaran Magi remain at the crater, they would suffer the same fate as those of the Ambermill magi. Relios reconsiders his initial decision and decides to rendezvous with the Alliance at Alterac Mountains. However, he asks the player and Ivar’s pack to protect him and his comrades as they channel a spell to strengthen the dome protecting the crater. Ivar’s pack and the player fend off more of the Ambermill magi. The Dalaran Magi successfully strengthens the dome which now prevents anyone from going through it for the time being. They are about to leave when Relios notices that the Bloodfang pack has mutilated the corpses of his comrades as well as Syndicate troops who fell during the recent attacks. Ivar tells him that it is necessary to prevent the Forsaken from raising any more troops. Furthermore, Ivar tells the magi that as an added precaution, the magi will have to take the Worgen curse. Relios hesitates but Ivar reminds him that should he fall as a Human, he would either have to deal with being raised as a Forsaken or being desecrated by the Bloodfang pack. Taking heed of Ivar’s “advice”, Relios and his comrades take Ivar’s blood and becomes Worgen. They finally head back to Barony Mordis. Once there, Relios relays what had transpired back at Dalaran Crater to Isiden. Isiden reprimands Ivar for his actions back at Dalaran Crater but the latter insists that what he did is right. Isiden then turns his attention towards the Syndicate. Scouts report that Syndicate troops were seen retreating back to the ruins of Alterac City. Isiden deduces that the Syndicate may have somehow reclaimed the former capital from the Ogres. With the blizzard gone, he believes that they should reclaim Alterac City before Aliden and his troops do. With that, Isiden’s troops make the necessary preparations.

Meanwhile, the Ravenholdt agent requests assistance from Aliden after the Syndicate has attacked Ravenholdt Manor. Aliden is shocked that the Ravenholdt would even think of approaching him for assistance given that he was the leader of the Syndicate which they have been fighting for a long time. The Ravenholdt agent then reminds that Aliden is no longer of the Syndicate and that if insists of refusing them, the Ravenholdt can always request for assistance from other Horde troops or even Alliance troops within the vicinity. After giving thought about it, Aliden summons Baron Vardus and tells him to “take care of things”. He also tells the player to go along. Vardus, the player, and a small contingent of Forsaken troops arrive at Ravenholdt Manor and discover that the attack is worse than they thought. Vardus ponders on how the Syndicate is still able to go on after losing much of their high ranking officers and holdings. He claims that nobody he knows within the Syndicate could have pulled it off. He then turns his attention towards the current situation. He tells his men and the player that they are not to engage the Syndicate yet. Instead, they are to go around raising those who have fallen, Syndicate and Ravenholdt alike. Afterwards, he finally decides that they raised enough new recruits and orders his troops and the player to drive the Syndicate out. They drive the Syndicate out of the manor and are summoned by Lord Jorach and Grand Master Fahrad. Vardus tells the two that they are expecting to be repaid for their kindness. However, Jorach and Fahrad tell him that the resurrection of their fallen comrades was unacceptable. Vardus replies that they were simply giving their fallen comrades a chance to exact their revenge on the remaining Syndicate. He then summons recently raised Ravenholdt members who support this notion. Fahrad is still furious at Vardus and suspects that Vardus and his troops were more concerned in bolstering their ranks than actually helping the Ravenholdt. Vardus denies the accusation and assures them that he nor Aliden hold no grudges against the Ravenholdt for they are now Horde, particularly Forsaken. Fahrad is ready to unsheathe his weapon but is stopped by Jorach who acknowledges that they are in no position to challenge Vardus and his troops let alone Aliden’s entire army. Vardus finally ends by saying that it was a pleasure helping them one way or another. Vardus, the player, and Forsaken troops return to Strahnbrad. Vardus relays what has happened to Aliden who is pleased that not only do their former rivals lie in ruins, but that they have also bolstered their ranks. They then turned their attention toward the Syndicate. They order the player to interrogate a recently raised Syndicate member. They find out that the Syndicate has a new leader but the identity of the said leader is unknown to those of low ranking. In addition, they find out that the Syndicate has already reclaimed Alterac City. Aliden is intrigued by the new Syndicate leader for being able to lead his former organization into doing such feats. Scouts come in and report that the blizzard has subsided. Aliden prepares his army in order to reclaim what has been kept from him for so long.

Battle for Alterac City

Alliance and Horde armies, led by Isiden and Aliden respectively, march towards the outskirts of the ruined capital. Isiden and Aliden detach from their armies with a few bodyguards and their respective player to meet each other. Isiden is saddened by what had happened to Aliden. He claims that he will restore Alterac and redeem their family name. He adds that he will also put Aliden out of his misery and make the Forsaken pay for what they did to him. On the other hand, Aliden thinks that it is befitting for Isiden to take the form of a dog. He claims that Isiden has been pushed around a lot like a loyal dog. He adds that he is actually content with what he has become, never requiring to eat or to sleep, and that he will revive Alterac into something greater than what it has been in history. Suddenly, Beve has finally appeared before the two and reveals herself as the new leader of the Syndicate. Both Isiden and Aliden are surprised and cannot help but notice Beve’s seemingly youthful appearance. Beve then tells them that she has been tutored by members of the Argus Wake which has been allied to the Syndicate. Regaining her youth and causing the powerful blizzard before were some of the spells she has learned. With Isiden and Aliden “tainted”, she proclaim that she is the only one deserving to revive Alterac. Isiden tries to convince her to stand down given the Syndicate’s dwindling numbers and promises to request the Alliance to give them amnesty. Aliden on the other hand tells her to get lost with the remaining Syndicate while he feels like letting them go. He warns that if they do not go immediately, he will use the remaining Syndicate as cannon fodder after dealing with them but adds that he has no intention of resurrecting Beve. Beve ignores the offer and threat. Instead, she reveals that she has recovered the Crown of Will by sending agents to Tarren Mill to get it after it was delivered there by adventurers. With the crown’s power, she used a spell to sway the Crushridge Ogres and Winterax Ice Trolls to join her. Each Perenolde make a final declaration that it is their respective faction which will acquire Alterac City. With that, they go back to their respective armies.

Isiden insist that his troops fight under the proper rules of engagement. Ivar on the other hand is sick of playing by the rules. He and his pack continue to mutilate the bodies of dead Humans in the battlefield. Furthermore, he turns the Human Syndicate members into Worgen by infecting their water supplies. Isiden is angry over this but says that what’s done is done. He asks the player to go and convince Syndicate members who fell to the Worgen Curse to join him instead. Those who have become feral or remain loyal to Beve are to be put down. Isiden’s troops also clash with Aliden’s troops. As the battle rages, Isiden discovers that Aiden and Isolde are among the Forsaken. He asks the player to put them both out of their misery. He adds that he wants Isolde’s death to be quick while Aiden’s to be as agonizing as possible. The player infiltrates Strahnbrad and makes quick work of the two before reporting back to Isiden.

Meanwhile, Aliden is having trouble despite being the one with the largest army among the three Perenoldes. He is unable to transport the plague catapults to the battlefield because of the deep snow brought about by the recent blizzard. There are fewer Human corpses to replenish their numbers as well due to Ivar’s tactics and Beve’s use of Crushridge Ogres and Winterax Ice Trolls. However, the player is able to make up for these dilemmas by engaging the enemies himself/herself. After a while, Vardus arrives with a number of Banshees. Aliden reasons that even though nonhumans cannot be raised by Val’kyr, they can be possessed by the Banshees. He orders the Banshees to particularly target Ogres whose strength would be invaluable to his plans. He orders the player to escort the Banshees as they do their tasks. By possessing a number of Ogres, they did not only greatly weaken Beve’s army but also strengthened their own. Eventually, Aliden hears about his parents’ assassination but ignores it claiming that they were of no use to begin with anyway. He instead focuses on eliminating threats such as Ivar. He has heard that Ivar had infected Syndicate members with the Worgen Curse while Isiden is giving the victims a chance to join the Alliance. He comes up with a plan and orders the player to search for Worgen Syndicate members who are eager to get their revenge on Ivar. He wants to make a truce with them and perform a joint operation in bringing down Ivar. The player is able to round up a few Syndicate Worgen members. Aliden tells them to feign surrender to Ivar and lure him out into the open where Aliden and his troops would ambush him. The plan is set in motion and Aliden waits together with a handful of troops and the player. Ivar and his “allies” finally reach the ambush point and Aliden orders all of them to be slaughtered. Ivar is the last to fall cursing Aliden and the Forsaken in his final moments. Aliden is confident that victory is theirs and orders his army to march towards Alterac City. The recently possessed Ogres use their strength to carry the plague catapults with them.

While Isiden is thankful that his uncle and aunt are finally laid to rest, he is saddened of what had happened to Ivar. He laments that Ivar’s actions have finally caught up to him. He is also troubled that Aliden is already marching towards Alterac City together with Forsaken siege weapons. As Isiden sinks into despair, Dalaran magi sent by Relios arrive and reinforce Isiden’s army. Their performance against the enemy revitalizes Isiden’s spirit and the latter gives the order to march upon Alterac City.

Isiden’s army attacks from the south while Aliden’s attacks from the east. Both armies engage with the remnants of Beve’s army as well as with each other. Eventually Isiden and Aliden together with the player of their respective factions set out to meet with Beve at the ruined keep. The three Perenoldes engage in a three way duel bickering with each other while at it. On the Alliance side, the player assists Isiden while on the Horde side, the player assists Aliden. Finally, the three become exhausted. Realizing that her chance for victory has vanished, she conjures up a spell which causes a massive avalanche to trigger in the nearby mountains. Beve collapses while everyone else run outside. Isiden orders his Worgen troops to run for their lives and they do so with Isiden carrying the player. Meanwhile, Aliden orders a Val’kyr to carry the player towards Frostwolf Keep. The Val’kyr flies off with the player while Aliden is seemingly buried by the avalanche. Aftermath

Isiden, the player, and his remaining troops reach Barony Mordis. While recovering, Isiden and the player are suddenly teleported by Relios towards Dun Baldar. Vanndar asks them what had happened and Isiden relays everything which has transpired. Isiden claims that he has failed but Vanndar tells him that Aliden has not succeeded either yet. A portal opens and Balinda steps out of it. Vanndar is pleased that Balinda has returned with possible reinforcements. However, Balinda tells him that the reinforcements are not who he think they are. An entire regiment of Dark Iron Dwarves suddenly pours out of the portal and salutes Vanndar. Vanndar is shocked and asks Balinda what is the meaning of this. Balinda tells him that after she asked the Council of Three Hammers for reinforcements. Muradin and Falstad are unable to lend any support. Muradin fears that sending any more of Ironforge’s army away would leave the kingdom vulnerable to Moira’s machinations. Meanwhile, the Wildhammer Dwarves are having their own troubles at Aerie Peak. Therefore, it was none other than Moira herself who committed troops to aid the Stormpike. Balinda adds that she was shocked herself. Vanndar grumbles that sending reinforcements to his clan is probably another one of Moira’s political manoeuvres. Isiden intervenes and says that these are desperate times and that they should be thankful of what they have. With that, Vanndar accepts the Dark Iron Dwarves’ aid and orders them to their new posts. Vanndar then tells Isiden that the Horde is preparing to strike from Frostwolf Keep once again. While holding off the Horde in Alterac Valley, he wants Isiden to make another push for Alterac City. Isiden pledges that he will continue on with his goal of restoring Alterac. Balinda wishes them good luck and teleports away. Relios teleports Isiden and the player back to Barony Mordis where Isiden prepares for another push towards Alterac City.

The Val’kyr finally drops the player in Frostwolf Keep where Belmont and Cromush are already discussing their plans. They ask about Aliden’s whereabouts. Suddenly, Aliden walks towards them proclaiming that he is Forsaken and that a pile of snow is not enough to prevent him from achieving his ambitions. He brags about being dragged by the snow and still being able to walk away almost unscathed. Belmont praises him and adds that he was right to choose Aliden for the job. However, Cromush is still disappointed that Aliden has not conquered Alterac City and that is Alliance counterpart it still breathing. Aliden claims it was merely a setback and promises to acquire both Alterac City and Isiden’s head soon. Cromush then tells him that a number of Orcs, Trolls, Tauren, and Goblins have been arriving since they left before. He believes that his army is now strong enough to battle the Alliance holed up in Dun Baldar. Wanting to pacify Alterac Mountains as soon as possible, he wants Aliden to take over Alterac City while he is busy fighting in Alterac Valley. He then orders a few Blood Elves present there to accompany him back to Strahnbrad and assist his campaign. The Blood Elves teleport all the present Forsaken troops as well as the player from Frostwolf Keep back to Strahnbrad. Belmont tells Aliden and the player to keep up their good work before leaving. Aliden immediately orders preparations for another campaign towards Alterac City.


The Ruins of Alterac City becomes another hotspot for the war between the Alliance and the Horde. The two armies become engaged in a tug of war over the ruined capital. Whenever, a faction gains control of the ruins, they will have to defend it time and time again. Should they finally fail, then they will be the ones on the offensive until they succeed. Whenever there aren’t any attacks, the faction controlling the ruins will be able to do additional quests.

Though the Syndicate, Crushridge Ogres, and Winterax Ice Trolls have been wiped out, Beve is still unaccounted for. There are many stories about what had happened to her. Some sources claim that some of the Isiden’s Worgen recovered her body giving her a proper burial at a secret location afterwards. Meanwhile, some sources claim that she has been unknowingly raised by a Val’kyr and is now plotting her revenge amongst the Forsaken. Finally, there are other sources which claim that an old woman, donning what appeared to be Beve’s clothes prior to the avalanche, was carried away by mysterious figures wearing weird clothing. It is unknown whether the old woman was Beve, who reverted back to her actual age, or not. It is also unknown whether the mysterious figures are part of the Argus Wake, Twilight Cultists, or some other dark organization.