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Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Horde

A Horde Dazed Knight Guild Information
  • Guild name: A Horde Dazed Knight
  • Server : Misha US
  • Faction : Horde
  • Type: PvE
  • Co-Guild Master: Neoshibari, Abbigail
  • Officers: Drauka, Stormraider, Zoe, Pfoursync, Woe, Piari
  • Website: [1]

Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Guild History Horde

A Horde Dazed Knight is the oldest guild on the Misha realm.
It was created on the US Realm called "Misha" on December 15th, 2006. December 14th 2006, was the opening of the US Realm called "Misha".

Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Guild Mission Statement Horde

The Horde Dazed Knight guild will provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment for its members.
HDK's members will strive to be renowned for their good nature, skill, and their integrity.

Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Charter Horde

  • HDK will be a fun, casual group of adults that will play together and enjoy everything that World of Warcraft has to offer. In order of these things to happen, several guidelines will need to be followed:

    • All members of HDK will be at least 21 years old.
    • HDK is an adult oriented guild, run by adults, for adults.
    • Members of HDK at all times will be respectful of fellow members and all other WoW players.
    • The Members of HDK will have the utmost integrity. Ninjas, hackers and exploiters WILL NOT be tolerated.
    • Lastly, and most importantly: While in HDK, members will HAVE FUN!!

Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Guild Ranks Horde

  • Guild Leader(s) ()
    • Neoknight
  • First Mates
    • Guild members who have shown outstanding loyalty and dedication to HDK. They exemplify everything in the HDK's mission statement.
  • The Pirates
    • Dedicated members that have met all guild requirements. KLHThreatMeter/Omen, CT_RaidAssist/Ora2, Vent, forums registration and participation, and roster uploads. The Exalted will get access to bank tabs and activities over all lower rank members. In order to stay at Exalted, they will need to update the Roster and have logged into and read the forum at least once per week.
  • Swabbys
    • Members that have made it through their trial but have not finished the requirements for advancement
  • Landlubbers
    • New recruits. 2 week trial.
  • Da Plank
    • For bad, bad, guildies

Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Recruitment Horde

If you would like to join A Horde Dazed Knight you will have to register on our Forums and make an application in the "Recruitment" section. You can also check out our current recruitment status on our forums.

Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Burning Crusade Raiding Progress Horde

Bc icon.gif Gruuls Lair Bc icon.gif Bc icon.gif World Bosses Bc icon.gif
Bc icon.gif Magtheridon's Lair Bc icon.gif Bc icon.gif Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern Bc icon.gif
Bc icon.gif Tempest keep: The Evil Eye Bc icon.gif Bc icon.gif The Battle for Mount Hyjal Bc icon.gif
Bc icon.gif The Black Temple Bc icon.gif Bc icon.gif Karazhan Bc icon.gif

Horde A Horde Dazed Knight Pre-Burning Crusade Raiding Progress Horde

Zul'Gurub The Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj *AQ20*
Molten Core Onyxia
Blackwing Lair The Temple Of Ahn'Qiraj *AQ40*
Naxxramas Outdoor Bosses
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