“Je vais continuer à rêver d'un projet de ce type. Je pourrai soutenir un projet de ce type, mais en être la tête, je ne suis pas capable. Donc Severnaya a eu sa vengeance, il a ruiné le projet : merci beaucoup.”


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Current WIP

Reference templates



  • {{dash}}: –
  • {{KIA}}:  †
  • {{AggroAS}}: Aldor Scryers
  • {{Rep|Friendly|Horde}}: Horde
  • This NPC does something.
  • Severnaya Dead Aim says: This NPC says something.
  • [[Category:World drops| 4]] --> This will be put in the fourth place
  • [[DISPLAYTITLE:''World of Warcraft'' evolution guide]], or simply {{DISPLAYTITLE:''{{PAGENAME}}''}}
  • {{Elinks-item/object|24411|182122}}
  • {{Main|Saga of the Valarjar#Strom'kar, the Warbreaker|label1=Saga of the Valarjar}}
  • {{for|the digital card game|Hearthstone|link1=Hearthstone (game)}}
  • {{bluepost|poster=Eyonix|date=08/16/2006 09:38:15 PM EDT|title=Rooftop Camping - 5/5//05|link=|body=Lorem Ipsum}}
  • {{subst:welcome}}
  • {| class=darktable style="text-align:center" ! Stormwind Keep !! Icecrown !! Icecrown Citadel !! |- | {{elinks-NPC|29611}} | {{elinks-NPC|35321}} | {{elinks-NPC|39371}} |}
  • {{NPC placeholder image}}
  • Races:Module:Race/data


  • | category = Removed Silverpine Forest
  • | zone = Silverpine Forest


  • | instance = Seat of the Triumvirate (instance)
  • | instancename = Seat of the Triumvirate

Content pages

  • Category:World of Warcraft geography

Special pages


  • /run ForceGossip = function() return true end - forces the display of the old flavor texts



  • All playable class categories were cleaned up to have their character lists put in special sub-categories.
  • The "(Warlords of Draenor)", "(Outland)" and "(main universe)" namespaces were cleaned. The "(alternate universe)" namespace has been added to relevant pages, but not always to relevant categories. Some pages mixing MU and AU could use a split or a cleanup. (Thread)
  • Most categories starting with "The..." were changed to remove it in order to comply with WP:NOA. The few remaining cases are usually warranted in order to distinguish them from similarly-named categories. (Thread)
  • A script was ran all over the entire site to make sure every page is refreshed and properly categorized in special pages. It is not I who did it, but I like to believe I was annoying enough with my constants requests that I helped make it happen :p (Page)









  • Lost One (+ Windyreed, Umbrafen, Daggerfen, Feralfen, Tureem, Portal Seekers)



Not necessary anymore

Anti-PCJ filter

Special:RecentChanges after applying "Hide patrolled edits". Everything but watch dogs and patrolled edits will still appear. Watchdogs can be part of three groups: the wowpedia admins, the global admins and the autopatrollers. No one seems to be patrolling edits so the second case can be ignored.

Combined common users from the above lists

By combining these, it should be possible to keep validating when the RecentChanges page is flooded. PeterWind and Mordecay are normal Users so far despite their huge production rate and should appear.


 [Rotting Bear Carcass] forever.