Underground entrance to the Utgarde Catacombs

The Ring of Judgment

Utgarde Catacombs is a part of the Utgarde Keep area in Howling Fjord. The entrance is located on the western side of the keep in a small crevice [57, 49] across a bridge in Wyrmskull Village. After a long spiraling path, a large vrykul-built hallway can be found. This hall splits in to two wings; one side has Ares the Oathbound and the  [Harpoon Operation Manual], and the other further splits into a long hallway infested with undead and the Ring of Judgement where four Mini Bosses: Firjus the Soul Crusher, Jlarborn the Strategist, Oluf the Violent and Yorus the Flesh Harvester, can be fought.

There are a few quests here, notably A [10-30] The Shining Light and A [10-30] The Ring of Judgment.

Since the Vrykul are using the undead to dig a tunnel to Gjalerbron, players will move through the undead-infested tunnels.[1] While there is an undead-infested tunnel here, this info may refer to Utgarde Keep proper.



It was previously reported by playtesters at Blizzcon and the Leipzig Games Convention that Utgarde Catacombs was the first wing of the Utgarde Keep instance, with the mini bosses fought at the Ring of Judgement being actual bosses along with the current three, and area details of the Keep and Catacombs combined. This was later partially reconciled with the Catacombs being thought to be the uninstanced lobby of Utgarde Keep, but when WotLK was launched it was confirmed that they are separate, albeit related and close by areas.


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