A sweet little ghost girl. Will you be her friend?

Uuna's lost pal Nuu.


It shoots stars! Bad guys really hate that.

You can't fight the dark without a crown, friend. It's the rules.

All geared up!

A single tear, linking opposing realms together.

My light is super strong!

A ray of light shines down from above enveloping Uuna.

Uuna's Doll is a rare drop from The Many-Faced Devourer at [54.8, 39.0] in the Antoran Wastes.

Summoning the Many-Faced Devourer involves finding a  [Call of the Devourer] and completing a ritual with it. See that article for more information.

Uuna will reappear in Shadowlands.[1]

Pet Journal

Uuna was found bound to an Ur'zul, and was released into the Shadowlands, where she wandered in the utter darkness.


Uuna has a few lines of random idle chat and a series of reactions to certain emotes and situations when done in the following order.

Saving Uuna

Saving Uuna involves a short storyline now that all of the hints have been found.

Perform the following actions in order to advance the storyline. Additionally, this macro can be used to track progress:

/run for q=50098, 50109 do print(q-50097, C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q) and "\124cFF00FF00Done" or "\124cFFFF0000Not Done") end

  1. Summon Uuna
    Uuna says: C-c-cold...
    Uuna says: Mama? Mama! Why is it so dark? It's scary here...
    Uuna says: Can anybody hear me?
  2. /whistle at her
    Uuna says: Hello? Who's there? I heard you!
    Uuna says: Who are you? Can you help me?
    Uuna says: It's so dark! I can't see a thing!
    Uuna runs around you blindly looking for the source of the voice.
  3. /roar at her
    Uuna says: Ack! A monster!
    Uuna says: Help! HELP!
    Uuna backs away slowly, before turning, and running away.
  4. Resummon and /cry at her
    Uuna walks up to where she guesses your voice is coming from.
    Uuna says: Are you sad too? Are you lost like me?
    Uuna says: At least we're together now. We just... don't know where we are.
    Uuna says: But you're my friend, and I know it's gonna be okay.
    Uuna says: I wish I could see better. It's always so dark here!
  5. Approach A'dal in Shattrath City on Outland.
    Uuna says: What's that? A light in the darkness! It's so bright...
    Uuna walks forward a few steps.
    Uuna says: It's too bright! Too bright! Owwww!
    She backs away, turns and runs off.
  6. Approach the moonlit patch of grass at [18.9, 41.5] at Lake Falathim in Ashenvale on Kalimdor.
    Uuna says: It's gotten a little brighter! I can see... sorta.
    Uuna walks up to the elven stones and turns to you, stepping closer if necessary.
    Uuna says: Oh, hi! Who are you? I'm Uuna. Wanna be friends? Maybe together we can get outta this place.
    She turns back to the stones.
    Uuna says: I wish Nuu were here. He'd know what to do.
  7. Take her to a house at [32.7, 75.4] on a floating island in southwest Eredath
    To get to that island, teleport to the Shadowguard Incursion, head to the Seat of the Triumvirate instance line, use a  [Goblin Glider Kit] from [24.3, 58.8] to the tiny floating island just off the mainland, then use another glider to reach the bigger island way off in the void. Nuu is in the back of the house on the floor.
    Uuna excitedly runs up to the doll, which despawns as she apparently picks it up.
    Uuna says: Nuu-Nuu! I was scared I'd never see you again! How did you get here?
    She turns back to you.
    Uuna says: Nuu is here to help us, friend. I knew you'd find us, Nuu!
    Uuna says: I'll hold onto him so he doesn't get lost again.
    Uuna quickly despawns and respawns, carrying Nuu in her left hand.
  8. Take her to find the wand Starshot on a table at [56.5, 56.5] next to Maatparm at the Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle.
    Uuna runs up to the table and picks up the wand.
    Uuna says: I used to have a wand like that! Lost it a long time ago.
    She turns back to you.
    Uuna says: It shoots stars! Bad guys really hate that.
    Uuna quickly despawns and respawns, Starshot equipped in her right hand.
  9. Take her to a Circlet of Flowers at [56.0, 41.1] in the camp of Abatha and Lumiel (who's wearing the same outfit) between the Path of the Light and the Verdant Mire in Shadowmoon Valley on Draenor.
    Uuna runs up to the chair and picks up the crown.
    Uuna says: A crown! So pretty!
    She turns back to you.
    Uuna says: You can't fight the dark without a crown, friend. It's the rules.
    Uuna says: I feel a lot better now.
    Uuna quickly despawns and respawns, wearing the circlet on her head.
  10. After a few minutes, dark tendrils shoot forth from the ground, pulling her down:
    A dark swirl of shadow magic forms beneath Uuna.
    Uuna says: It's dark again! Where did you go? Don't leave me!
    Thorny tendrils shoot up from the ground and wrap around her!
    Uuna says: No! Let me go! Help, friend! HELP!
    Captured, Uuna despawns.
    Uuna can no longer be summoned; you're given the error message 'Uuna is missing.'
  11. Die by any means and talk to a Spirit Healer:
    Gossip I'm looking for a little girl named Uuna, have you seen her?
    I have heard the cries of the child you speak of.
    I shall mark you, that you may pass into this realm and seek her out.
    She resides in a place where the barrier between the realms of life and death are thin, and spill over into your world.
    Be warned, you have no power in this place, its denizens cannot be harmed by mortals.
    Try as you might, you may not be able to aid your friend.
  12. Head to the Emerald Dragonshrine in Dragonblight on Northrend to find a Shadow Tear at [66.2, 74.5] in the eye socket of a skull on the southeastern side.
    <A green dragon's tear, cast in the shadow by unknown forces.>
    Gossip <Touch the tear.>

Touch the tear to enter A Dark Place, a short scenario.

A Dark Place

Start by running forward to Uuna, then /cheer at her:

Uuna says: Friend? Is that you?
Uuna says: I won't give up, friend! I promise!
Uuna says: I'm just so cold, and it's very dark here. I don't know what to do!

Place a [Cooking Fire] or similar fire next to her:

Uuna says: There you are! That's so much better.
Uuna says: They're gonna be here, soon, friend.
Uuna says: I keep running and running... but they always find me.
Uuna says: But now you're here. Together we can fight them. I think...
Uuna says: Promise you won't leave me, friend. Even when it gets dark...
Uuna says: They're here...
Uuna yells: Go away! We're not afraid of you!

Soul-Eaters will appear at the edges and slowly creep towards Uuna, few at first, their numbers gradually increase. Run into them to scare them away, as they cannot be targeted with spells or abilities. Uuna will also help by firing shots from her wand. After about 2 minutes, Uuna starts losing hope:

Uuna says: Friend? Are you still there? I'm scared!
Uuna says: I--I can't do it! I just wanna go home!
Uuna wraps her arms around herself and begins to cry.

The darkness can only be kept at bay for so long, so /hug her to encourage her:

Uuna says: F-friend, you're here! You didn't leave me!
The Soul-Eaters will stop where they stand, held back by the powerful light emitted by Uuna
Uuna says: Mama told me the Light would always find me. That's you, friend. You're my light!
Uuna says: And as long as light is with me, there's no way the darkness can win!
Uuna says: My light is super strong!
Uuna's light evaporates all Soul-Eaters in sight
Uuna says: The darkness is gone! I can see!
A ray of light shines down from above, enveloping Uuna
Uuna says: What... What's happening?
Uuna says: The light... it's telling me to follow it...
Uuna says: Mama! Papa! They're waiting for me!
Uuna says: Wait a sec...
Uuna says: There's so much I never got to do. So many places I never got to see...
Uuna says: Is it okay if I stay with my friend? For just a little while longer?
Uuna says: Friend! The Light says I can stay! Woo-hoo!
Uuna says: Tell Mama and Papa I miss them, and... and I'll see them soon!
Uuna says: Okay, friend, let's get outta here! We have so many places to go!
Uuna hugs you.

Should a Soul-Eater reach Uuna, the encounter will have to be restarted:

Uuna yells: Gaaahhh! No! Help!
Uuna is swallowed by darkness.

World tour

Now it's time to go on a world tour!

As before, the following macro can be used to track progress:

/run local a={50140,50141,50142,50143,50144,50145,50146,50147}for i,q in ipairs(a)do print(format("Tour %s: %s",i, C_QuestLog.IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(q) and "\124cFF00FF00Done\124r" or "\124cFFFF0000Not Done\124r")) end
  1. The courtyard of the Gate of the Setting Sun [9, 59] between the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Dread Wastes:
    Uuna takes a few steps towards the wall.
    Uuna says: Wow! That's the biggest wall I've ever seen!
    Uuna says: What do you suppose they wanted to keep out?
    She starts backing away from the wall.
    Uuna says: Is it bugs? I bet it's bugs. Yuck! I hate bugs!
    Uuna says: Ewwwww!!
    Uuna runs around excitedly for a moment.
  2. The courtyard in front of Nighthold [62, 83] in Suramar:
    Uuna says: Wow! That's gotta be the prettiest house ever!
    Uuna runs closer to the Palace
    Uuna says: Do you know who lives here? I bet it's a princess.
    Uuna says: Do you wanna play princesses with me?
    Uuna runs back to the adventurer
  3. Krasus' Landing [72, 46] in Dalaran above the Broken Isles:
    Uuna runs to the edge overlooking the Broken Shore
    Uuna says: Whoa... a flying city! Are you serious?!
    Uuna says: How does it do that?
    Uuna runs back to the adventurer
    Uuna says: Do you live here?
    Uuna says: Come to think of it... do you live ANYwhere?
  4. The western ground-level entrance to Wyrmrest Temple [57, 54] in Dragonblight:
    Uuna says: Hey, what are those flying things? They're so pretty!
    Uuna turns to face one of the nearby Wyrmrest Temple Drakes
    Uuna says: That's a big tower. It's like a... giant birdhouse!
    Uuna turns to face the adventurer
    Uuna says: But for lizard birds.
    Uuna runs to the adventurer
    Uuna says: Can I have one for a pet?
  5. On the northwestern shore of the Well of Eternity [59, 24] under Nordrassil on Mount Hyjal
    Uuna says: Friend, look! We're under a giant tree!
    Uuna runs to the edge of the lake
    Uuna says: I wonder how many birds live in that tree. Must be so many!
    Uuna turns to face the adventurer
    Uuna says: Like... TEN birds!
    Uuna runs around excitedly
    Uuna says: Caw caw caw caw caw!
  6. Neverest Pinnacle at [45, 52] the peak of Mount Neverest in Kun-Lai Summit
    Uuna says: I can see everything from here!
    Uuna runs to the edge, looking down
    Uuna says: Don't fall off, friend! I'll be okay if I fall, but you'd go SPLAT!
    Uuna turns to face the adventurer
    Uuna says: So be careful, okay?
    Uuna runs to the adventurer
  7. On the southwestern side of the Molten Span [38, 67] inside Blackrock Mountain
    Uuna says: Where are we? Why is it so smoky?
    Uuna runs to the edge of the pathway, looking down
    Uuna says: Look down there. It's all glowing!
    Uuna says: But it's moving like water... it's a glowing lake?
    Uuna turns to face the adventurer
    Uuna says: That's really silly, friend.
    Uuna runs to the adventurer
  8. Karabor [71, 46] in Shadowmoon Valley on Draenor
    Uuna says: It's... so beautiful...
    Uuna says: My people are here! They survived!
    Uuna says: They didn't all die on Argus?

This is the end of Uuna's big first adventure. As a reward for completing this story, she will now return hugs!

Uuna says: Thank you SO MUCH for showing me this, friend!
Uuna says: You've shown me so many neat things. You really are the best friend ever!
Uuna says: I know someday I'll have to go back to Mama and Papa.
Uuna says: But... not yet.
Uuna hugs you.

Notes and trivia

  • Uuna's story was inspired by the game Child of Light.[2]
  • Uuna's world tour was initially impossible to complete for Alliance players due to a bug at the Nighthold, where NPCs were still hostile to Alliance even after completing the Insurrection storyline. This was fixed several days after Uuna's storyline was discovered.
  • Uuna helps weaken Baa'l to defeat it in a pet battle (but only if the player or another nearby player has completed her storyline through the world tour).

Patch changes

  • Legion Patch 7.3.5 (2018-01-16): Pet journal entry changed.
    Previously: One of the many children thought lost in the battle for Argus, only to find themselves infused into an Ur'zul.
  • Legion Patch 7.3.0 (2017-08-29): Added.

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