MobUzan the Sandreaver
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Title <Sandscalp Chieftain>
Gender Male
Race Sand troll (Humanoid)
Level 10-50 Rare Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sandscalp tribe
Occupation Chieftain
Location Island Expeditions
Status Killable

Uzan the Sandreaver is a sand troll located on the expedition isles.


  • Inv elemental primal air.png  Gale — Gale winds erupt from the caster, inflicting Nature damage and knocking back enemies within 15 yds. 
  • Spell sandbolt.png  Sand Bolt — Fires a bolt of sand at a target, inflicting Nature damage and snaring the target by 30% for 1 sec. 
  • Spell sandexplosion.png  Sandblast — Fires a fierce blast of sand at a target, inflicting Nature damage and knocking back targets within 0 yards of the target. 


  • A curse on you...
  • Ay, who you be? Ya not welcome here, ya see?
  • Da spirits be... welcoming me...
  • Dis be my island an' my gems, you found nothing but death.
  • Gonna get revenge on ya... from da otha' side...
  • Gonna make a hex from ya bones, an' put a curse on ya whole family!
  • I can see... da ancestors...
  • Joinin' da spirits...
  • Let's see what you got, den...
  • Ugh... ya got me...
  • We found dis place, invader, an you not gonna take it from us!
  • We got da gems now, my clan be da stronges dere is!
  • Ya got... no honor...
  • Ya not gonna kill... us all...
  • You not gonna find me so easy, heh.
  • You nothing but a filthy outsider, an' ya don't belong here!

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