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For the dog, see Val (dog).

Map of the Val scenario.

Val is a world that has long fallen to the Legion. The climate is way below freezing temperature and anyone caught in it will die in a matter of seconds. After being conquered by the Legion, the demons planted braziers to make the cold bearable. The Legion now uses it to hold their prisoners while inquisitors steal their secrets.

In Legion, an Invasion Point connects Argus to this location. The Illidari were sent forth but they ended up frozen in place. Order champions then arrived under orders from Illidan Stormrage, freed the frozen Illidari, and repelled the Legion from Val.


Seize a Foothold

Defeat Legion invaders

Enhanced Enemies

Release Illidari from their prisons.

Change in Leadership

Kill the Legion's commander on Val.


When first arriving, one has to perform three stages. Stage one consists of defeating the legion forces. These come in Wicked Corruptors, Felrage Marauders and Blacksoul Inquisitors. Stage two requires you to free the demon hunters in the ice. Once all twelve demon hunters are free, the boss appears. Stage three requires you to take down the boss.


Because of the freezing cold, the demons have planted braziers to keep them warm. When standing next to one, you will be healed for 1% of your maximum health every 3 sec. However, this effect also works on the demons and they will also be healed.

Note: The demons do not suffer from Crippling Cold.

The Bosses[]

After defeating the demons and freeing the demon hunters, you will get an option to fight a boss.


  • Keep the bosses away from braziers at all cost. The boss has a lot of health and 1% is enough to undo your progress
  • Certain bosses have nasty damage dealing abilities like releasing an obelisk from the ground. Should you stand on it for just a few seconds, you are dead. (Summary:GET OUT OF THE FIRE!)
  • The best way to kite him is to go in circles.
  • When kiting, make sure you have a path back to the other side, as some abilities can last long on the ground.
  • As long as one player has aggro, the boss won't evade.



  • In the first PTR build that introduced Invasion Points, Val was called Sholoth instead.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • The Val map is reused for Chill's Reach that appears during N [60W] A Brokered Deal; it is possible they are intended to be the same place.

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