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Valarjar Campaign

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The Varlarjar Campaign (Warrior Campaign) is the main questline for the warrior class in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion.



Danath overlooking the Felstorm
Legion siege weapons bombard Danath and the warrior hero.

Alliance Alliance

A warrior adventurer freshly arrived in Dalaran was given an urgent message from Danath Trollbane by Sergeant Dalton. Danath requested that they join him at Krasus' Landing, as he had an important mission that required their expertise. As the warrior hero arrived, Danath told them to look upon the terrible sight before them, and rhetorically asked how many disasters must they face before they could at last find peace. He was relieved that the warrior adventurer had survived the Broken Shore when so many brave heroes were lost. He hung his head in a moment of silence, before explaining that he had been recalled from Honor Hold to aid the Alliance in its darkest hour. It was crucial that they learned from their mistakes, he claimed.[1]

If he was to assist in this war, he needed firsthand information, Danath said. He would fly to the Broken Shore and see the battlefield for himself. The warrior's record as a proven commander was unquestioned, and they were there during the battle. Danath could use their insight, so he asked them if they would accompany him to the Broken Shore. Danath didn't anticipate engaging the enemy, but that close to the Felstorm, one could never be sure he claimed. As they rode elite gryphons above the Broken Shore, a group of Legion siege weapons bombarded the two warriors. Danath ordered evasive maneuvers, but his gryphon was hit and caught on fire. As he fell towards the ocean, Danath told the warrior hero to get out of there, and that he would find a way.[2]

Horde Horde

A warrior adventurer freshly arrived in Dalaran was intercepted by the orc Eitrigg who had important concerns about High Overlord Saurfang. Eitrigg explained that Saurfang was not the same since their loss at the Broken Shore. Though he led well and slew many, he had taken their defeat hard. Fearing that Saurfang was determined to return to the Broken Shore, and that he would bring doom upon himself, Eitrigg asked the warrior hero if they could speak to him. The warrior hero accepted, and Eitrigg went to seek out Thrall and see if he could help too.

As the warrior hero arrived to Krasus' Landing, Saurfang knew that they were sent by Eitrigg, whose concerns he called noble, but unnecessary. Saurfang admitted that the recent events weighed heavily on him. He felt like he needed to do something, and explained that he could find no glory in the battle for the Broken Shore, that too many died but he did not. The anger within him was growing every minute that he stared at the storm. Saurfang claimed that he would return to the Broken Shore, for those under his command, and that he would kill demons until their glory was found and his honor restored. He told the warrior hero not to counsel against this, as he was set in his ways. The hero answered that they would then go with him, because no one should fight alone. Saurfang said that death was their likely end on those shores. The warrior knew this, yet Saurfang could see the determination in their eyes. Perhaps they had honor to regain there as well, he thought.[3]

Saurfang told the warrior hero that they should not worry, that he was not chasing his own death. He told them that they would fly in and scout the ideal point of attack. The demons were still drunk on their victory, but Saurfang and the hero would put a swift end to their revelry, and bring honor to their dead. Saurfang gave the hero his spare mount, Makka, and together they flew to the Broken Shore. Saurfang analyzed the island from above and was deciding on an appropriate target (such as the soul engine or the battleship) when a group of Legion siege weapons bombarded the two warriors. He told the hero to fly low and dodge the blasts, but his mount was hit and caught on fire. As he fell towards the ocean, Saurfang ordered the warrior to make them pay.[4]

One last stand

The aspirant vrykul warband combat demons

Unfortunately, the warrior hero's mount was hit too, causing them to fall onto the shore, where a group of aspiring vrykul warriors who were fighting against demons.[5] The vrykul didn't seem hostile, and the warrior hero could hear their leader, Ragnvald Drakeborn, telling the warband to shrug off their wounds, for another battle awaited. As the hero approached the vrykul, they surprised Finna Bjornsdottir, who said that Havi didn't mention that reinforcements would be so "short". Ragnvald replied that the old seer was mad, but rarely wrong. He told the hero to join them and prove their valor as more demons approached.[5] The warriors successfully repelled the demons led by Fel Lord Dakuur, one of the demons summoned before the Tomb of Sargeras by Gul'dan. As the calm settled, a golden Val'kyr named Danica the Reclaimer descended upon the battlefield to collect the souls of the worthy. The warrior hero watched the ritual as the Reclaimer lifted the spirits of Haardgrim and Alrik the Slayer, telling them that Odyn had judged them worthy for his Halls, and that they would come with her to glory. As the three flew towards the skies, Ragnvald told them to watch over him from above, and to save him a seat in the great Halls.[5]

Danica the Reclaimer appears on the battlefield to bring the worthy souls to Odyn

Demonic reinforcements led by the mo'arg brute Bezzeredes arrived, but as they were defeated by the warband, the pit lord Malgalor, Lord of Butchery set foot on the battlefield, killing all remaining vrykul, save for Ragnvald, Finna and the warrior hero. Ragnvald, reinvigorated by this challenge, was eager to meet the death Havi promised him. Finna on the other hand claimed that killing the demon could be a better idea. Ragnvald replied that together, they may yet indeed be victorious. Either way, he would not go down easily.[5]

The pit lord Malgalor arrives

The battle was terrible, and Finna was the first to fall. Ragnvald would follow eventually, leaving the warrior hero as the last man standing. Malgalor could not understand how they could resist. Feeling death approaching, he cast Fel Rupture, killing himself and taking the warrior hero with him. Danica the Reclaimer had noticed this valorous sacrifice, and descended again to whisk the warrior away.[5]

The warrior hero and Malgalor lay on the ground as Danica returns


Odyn greets the warrior hero in his Halls...

The hero awoke on a golden floor, with Danica standing before them. She welcomed them to Skyhold, where she claimed that the brave lived on forever.[5] She reassured them and told them that they were not dead, as Denica had indeed been directed to collect them before their demise by Odyn himself. She then took the hero to Odyn, giving them a tour of the facility first. She showed them the Eye of Odyn, which sees all on Azeroth, as well as the Forge of Odyn, where the mightiest weapons of the Valarjar are crafted by Master Smith Helgar, the greatest smith in the Halls of Valor. Across the way lied the Arena of Glory, where warriors vied for supremacy in epic combat. Finally, they went through the Great Mead Hall where drink and stories flow freely. Denica went ahead and announced the hero to Odyn, and told them to be respectful.[6] As the hero arrived, Odyn stood up. He said that he had foreseen the coming of a mighty champion to these shores. One who would slay countless foes and prove their valor time and again. One who would lead his armies to victory against the great darkness that sought to devour the world. The hero had proven themselves the greatest living warrior on Azeroth. It is for this reason that Odyn saved them. He proclaimed:[6]

Odyn says: I name you Valarjar! Bring glory to these halls on the wings of my val'kyr!

... and names them Valarjar.

As the greatest warrior in these Halls, the hero required a great weapon to do both their will and Odyn's, he said. The Keeper had looked down on Azeroth and found artifacts worthy of their hands. He left it to the hero to choose which one they wished to seek out and wield against the Legion. They would recover the others in time. The hero made their choice, but Odyn knew which one they would choose.[7]


The new weapon the hero had acquired was very powerful, but Odyn said that his smiths had mastered crafting over thousands of years. He told the hero to speak to Master Smith Helgar and see what improvements could be made. Helgar was amazed by the craft; the artifact was mighty, and he could already see the potential that they could unlock.[8] He showed the hero the mighty Forge of Odyn, which had been working for longer than the hero's race had existed. Their weapon was powerful, and it would take Odyn's personal Forge in order to work it. Helgar believed they could work the artifact to provide various improvements, provided the hero had enough experience with it. The artifact had much unused potential, and the hero would return there often as they got more acquainted with it.[9]

Danica the Reclaimer told the warrior hero that it was time to begin the war for Azeroth. They had prepared a tool for them called the Eye of Odyn, a powerful scrying and communication device. With it they would be able to see the Broken Isles, direct and send orders to their champions, and enact their own special operations from Skyhold. The Val'kyr took them to Skyseer Ghrent, who would help them manage the Eye, and for whom it had been a while since he had talked to the living. Being slain in combat had given him a calmer outlook in this emergency than other warriors.[10]

Ghrent explained to the hero that the Burning Legion thought they were dead. Punishing them for that assumption would be quite the surprise. He said that the Eye allowed the Valarjar to see all across the Broken Isles, and assign warriors to various tasks. He told them to take a look at the Eye, and then choose their first area of operation. Ghrent had already picked out the best spots. As more opportunities arose, he would bring them to the hero's attention. The warrior hero thus descended on the Broken Isles and went on to accomplish their tasks.[11]

Odyn's summon

Sometime later, while traveling the streets of Dalaran, the hero met Danica the Reclaimer, bearing an important message for them. The Val'kyr told them that Odyn would like to speak to them at once. He was convinced that as they had grown in power, they were ready to take direct command of his armies, and would like to begin preparations. He awaited their arrival, and his forces stood at the ready. The warrior returned to Odyn, who was glad to see them: as he predicted, they had grown in power and continued to prove their worth.[12] He told them that they would soon command one of the greatest armies in existence, but before his own Valarjar followed their every command, they had to prove their ability to lead. The hero was to speak to the two vrykul champions who ascended into these Halls with them, and tell them it was time for the hero to assume their duties as Odyn's chosen.[13]

Finna Bjornsdottir said that they would gladly follow, as she had seen what they were capable of and that they had no fear of death.[14] Ragnvald Drakeborn understood that the hero was put in charge, and he found it generally unwise to question the gods: Odyn said that the hero would lead, so they would lead.[15] As the hero was now ready to command the Valarjar, they went to Skyseer Ghrent.[13], who explained that the souls that made it to these Halls were brave, that this was why they were there after all. But valor alone did not make for an effective army. The hero would need someone who could train those who would be Valarjar to fight with discipline. Ghrent told them to have their champions send word to Captain Hjalmar Stahlstrom.[16] Unruly vrykul berserkers may not fear death, but they would fear Hjalmar Stahlstrom enough to make them follow the hero's orders. Ragnvald was thus sent to find Stahlstrom, one of the greatest vrykul captains, who would train a combat-ready force for the Valarjar.[17]

Ready for war

As they returned to Skyhold, Ghrent told the hero to speak to Stahlstrom and see that the Valarjar were armed and ready for battle, which was necessary to win a full-fledged war against the Burning Legion. The captain immediately started to recruit Valarjar Aspirants.[18] Their enemies' transgressions had gone unchecked for long enough. It was time for the Valarjar champions to deal with them, backed up with the newly recruited troops. Ghrent informed the hero that one of their own had been taken prisoner by Odyn's sworn nemesis, Helya. If their forces managed to bring back Einar the Runecaster alive, he could aid them in using powerful runes to advance the power of their armies.[19]

As the Runecaster was successfully rescued, Ghrent told the hero that being a leader was not just about sending troops to combat. They would also make decisions about how they would train and how to improve their armies. The hero thus spoke to Einar the Runecaster and let him know how they would like development to progress, and what improvements and upgrades to bring to Skyhold.[20]

The Gjallarhorn

Ghrent then told a story to the hero, that once, the mighty titanforged Keepers of Ulduar and Odyn acted as one. Ever since Odyn broke off to create the Valarjar, not even Odyn's own son Thorim was bound to follow his father's advice. There was however one hope to unite the forces of Skyhold and Ulduar. The Gjallarhorn was a gift given to Hymdall before Odyn's departure. The keepers of Ulduar are oathbound to answer the call of the Gjallarhorn were it to be sounded as it would signal that the end times were near.[21]

The hero went to discuss this with Hymdall, who told them that they had proven themselves most thoroughly time and again. There could be no doubt that they were the one to lead Odyn's armies into the final battle. They however had to obtain the Gjallarhorn so that they may signal to their allies that the end times were upon them. He explained that King Svergan Stormcloak was the last known living guardian of the Horn, and that they should thus seek his spirit in the Field of Fallen Kings in Stormheim.[22]

The Horn's guardian

The spirit of Stormcloak explained that safeguarding the Gjallarhorn was his duty. He would do what was right, but first he had to ask for the hero's aid. His family was disavowed by the mystics of his time, and his grave was ransacked. He could not find peace while his family heirlooms were in the hands of the servants of the false God-King Skovald. The hero thus searched the Runewood and killed traitor vrykul for the  [Crown of the Forgotten King],  [Stormcloak Signet], and  [Drakerider's Medallion].[23]

The Bonespeaker mystics had used these heirlooms to tie Stormcloak's soul to this world, and under their curse, his spirit could not enter the Halls of Valor. But the fire that bound his soul through their foul magic would be the same fire that would undo this bond. The hero approached the soul pyre in Haustvald and threw Stormcloak's belongings into the flames. His spirit appeared in front of them; he could feel their curse weakening. Mystics began to stream into the room in an attempt break the ritual but, stopped by the hero, the ritual completed, killing the remaining Bonespeakers in the process. The Bonespeakers couldn't deny Stormcloak his place in the Halls of Valor any longer, his soul was his own again.[24]

Stormcloak, before the pyre, is freed from the mystics' curse

He thanked the hero for doing this for him. Stormcloak had sworn an oath to protect the Gjallarhorn with his life, and so he did. He told the hero to tell Hymdall that his Gjallarhorn was consumed by the great worm, Jorhuttam. It devoured an entire army of Stormcloak's men who were swallowed whole, trying to fend off the beast. The hero thus went and told Hymdall, who said that they had to track the Great Worm at once, and that it would surely be a great battle.[25] The Valarjar needed the Gjallarhorn to compel the armies of Ulduar to join their cause. If the worm swallowed it, they would dig through the very earth until they found it in its entrails, said Hymdall. The hero thus sent champions of the Valarjar to track Jorhuttam.[26] In the mean time, Svergan Stormcloak was brought back to life in the Halls of Valor. He lived again, and he was eager to fight once more.[27]


The Battlelord ascends the highest peak of Highmountain

The Valarjar armies tracked the beast to the highest peak in Highmountain, where it was protected by hostile drogbar. The traveled to Highmountain Summit where they met the tauren Jarum Skymane. Upon learning that the hero was after the Great Worm, he told the hero that he knew these mountains inside and out and that if they helped him avenge his village, he would help them find Jorhuttam.[28]

Jarum Skymane overlooking his village destroyed by the drogbar

Jarum's village was razed by the Frostcrag tribe drogbar who worshiped Jorhuttam. The hero agreed to help him avenge his village and slew the drogbar, including their very leader Dorgrub the Cruel, as well as Ugrul Skullcleaver.[29] As the hero upheld their end of the deal, Jarum said he would do the same, and gave them Frostcrag drums which the drogbar banged on in order to summon Jorhuttam to feast. The hero found the Great Worm's feeding mound, and used the drums to lure her out. After a great battle, the beast was slain, and The Gjallarhorn recovered.[30]

The Great Worm Jorhuttam lured by the drogbar drums

Defending the Broken Isles

Odyn suggested to bolster their own forces before calling upon their Ulduar allies to join them in the final conflict against the Burning Legion. There still remained much to do in the Broken Isles and victories there would give them the momentum they needed to crush the enemy.[31]

Important tasks remained. The Valkyra were under attack by Felskorn vrykul led by Runemaster Skomjorn,[32] powerful armaments were lost when the great ship Vaesska sank in the sea of Vashj'ir,[33] and a group of mighty warriors loyal to Odyn was captured by sea giants and were being forced to fight in their underground pit in Azsuna by Pitmaster Rudi.[34] Champions of the Valarjar were sent to aid the Valkyra and crush those who had betrayed Odyn, kill Wavemistress S'revess and her Zithreenai naga forces and retrieve the armaments, and to free the enslaved warriors, respectively.[35]

Finally, the powerful Val'kyr Savyn Valorborn arrived to aid in bolstering the Valarjar's numbers. She ushered some of the most valorous vrykul shieldmaidens into the Halls of Valor. She would rally the worthy in Odyn's name.[36]

Helya's demise

Odyn was angered by Helya's madness. The Valarjar could not fight on two fronts and succeed. If they were to give themselves the room they needed to fight off the Burning Legion, they had to deliver a decisive victory against Helya. Not her armies, not her lieutenants, but the mother of the underworld herself. The hero was thus sent to the Maw of Souls to finally put an end to her threat. It was a glorious victory, which Helya had unfortunately survived, but now she would think twice about moving against the Valarjar with the hero leading the armies of Skyhold.[37]

The hero had also recovered King Ymiron's blade from Helheim, and realized what a fierce combatant he would make, were he to fight on their side. They believed that Odyn could perhaps be persuaded to force the vrykul King's spirit to fight along their army. They thus told Odyn that King Ymiron had been defeated, and that he fought fiercely. Odyn said that was to be expected. Ymiron was a cruel and evil ruler, but he always did fight with great ferocity.[38]

As the hero said that they wanted him to join their army, Odyn replied that this was absolutely out of the question. King Ymiron betrayed his people and doomed them to a cursed existence. He might have died while fighting valiantly but Odyn abhorred him, and the feeling was mutual. The hero agreed, but asked what better punishment could there be than to be forced to serve him for the rest of time. Odyn laughed a deep booming laugh. He said they were a devious one, and that they were right, that would amuse him. King Ymiron was thus brought back to life to serve in Odyn's army.[38]

Ulduar's Oath

The image of Thorim appears before Odyn

Odyn told the hero that he was once leader of all of the titan-forged keepers of Azeroth. They were charged by the Pantheon themselves to protect the world. Once he gave up on the post of Prime Designate, he gave up any measure of influence over the other keepers. The Gjallarhorn came from a time before their falling out, however. A time of an ancient oath of honor. Odyn wanted to invoke that oath, and he was certain Thorim would answer the call. Hymdall was thus told to blow the Horn.[39]

Hymdall yells: Armies of Ulduar, heed Odyn's call!

An image of Thorim appeared. In distress, he explained that though they were oathbound to answer the call of the Gjallarhorn, they could not. The halls of Ulduar had been overrun by the armies of the Burning Legion. They were fighting bravely but the demons' numbers were endless. Odyn told Thorim to hold them off, for he would send champions to his aid.[39]

The battle for Ulduar

The hero ran to the Val'kyr Aerylia and asked to be sent with any forces that were ready to Ulduar's aid. The Valarjar jumped from Skyhold and descended upon Ulduar. They arrived in the Antechamber, where Finna Bjornsdottir noted that Ulduar was completely overrun. It was time for battle. The hero, Finna, Ragnvald Drakeborn and other Valarjar fought their way through felguards that were attacking a Dark Rune Sentinel and an Iron dwarf mender who, glad to be found, joined and assised them as they made their way further in. After killing packs of imps, the Sentinel left to fight his own way, while the iron dwarf headed to the entryway of the Shattered Walkway and began to fight a hateful doomguard. The demon however stroke the Mender with a fel bolt, killing him.[40]

The Valarjar champions aiding Ulduar titan-forged

Dvalen Ironrune

As the Valarjar progressed, Finna noticed someone fighting fiercely ahead. Ragnvald added that he appeared to be an iron dwarf, and was surprised that he was still alive. Finna came up to the dwarf and told them that they were quite brave and fierce for one so small, and asked them what had happened here. Dvalen Ironrune replied that they should fight the demonic Lieutenant Gom'tok first, and talk later.[40]

Dvalen Ironrune fighting the fel lord lieutenant

The demon slain, Dvalen thanked them for helping, saying he was getting weary. He explained that the Legion appeared out of nowhere, and that they probably had a portal nearby which they had to find. He led the way down from the Shattered Walkway to the Observation Ring, with the Valarjar fighting though imps, felguards, and elite doomguard. They jumped over barriers of fel flames and helped a Champion of Hodir surrounded by inquisitors. The giant thanked them, and stayed behind to rest for a bit.[41]

The Valarjar champions jump over fel flames to aid the Champion of Hodir

Reaching winter

Continuing further into the Halls of Winter, Dvalen said that Hodir was cut off from the rest, and that the demons would surround him soon if they didn't get to him fast. He quickly ran ahead to engage the next group of demons to save another Iron Dwarf Mender. That was a rough fight for the iron dwarf who decided to stay behind and keep the way clear while the Valarjar would move forward and help Hodir.[41] They reached a great door behind which was Hodir's room. The champions and Dvalen grabbed a chain and, all together, pulled and used their strength to force the door open.[42]

The locked door to Hodir's room

In the middle of the room was Hodir, wrapped in fel beams, fighting off the inquisitor Felwarden Elreth and his demonic hounds. Upon killing Elreth, the beams dissipated, and inquisitors appeared.[43] The threat eliminated, the hero spoke to Hodir. The Keeper did not expect a mortal to fight so fiercely, and thanked them. He said that there was no time to lose, and that they had to get to Thorim. The mighty Keeper walked over to a wall of ice blocking the other entryway to the Observation Ring, and smashed it. The Valarjar followed Hodir down the hallway. He opened the door to Thorim's domain and forcibly made way past the barrier formed by lightning orbs. A fel structure was erected in the middle of the room, forming a large fel portal.[44]

Hodir says: Thorim! Odyn has sent his champions to aid us.

Thorim says: A mortal? Leading Odyn's army?! Has he lost his mind!

Hodir assaulted by demons

Helping Thorim

Hodir replied that he would be surprised, for the mortal slayed demons as swiftly as Fenryr hunted wild deer. Thorim said that he would be the judge of that. There were plenty of demons, and he would see if Odyn chose well. The demons kept coming, crush one and another would take its place, Hodir said. He would try to stem the flow as the hero would go through the passage to the north that led to the balcony, and thus Thorim.[44] Dvalen and Hodir thus broke off to fight the flow of demons coming from the portal.[45]

Hodir stays before the portal and smashes demons

The hero entered the main area and took the passageway with Ragnvald and Finna. Ragnvald felt that the hallway was too quiet, and had a bad feeling. Suddenly, spiders fell from the ceiling, and onto Ragnvald's head. They fought the broodlings and pressed on while minding the spiders hanging above. As they reached the doorway, Brood Queen Morvaniss and more spiders barred their way.[45] But they were dealt with, and the champions managed to reach Thorim to help him fight the eredar Lady Ran'zara. Unfortunately, she cast a spell that stunned everyone, allowing her to escape through the portal.[46]

Thorim and the Valarjar fight Lady Ran'zara

Hodir would not let her get away however, and chased Ran'zara through the portal leading to Niskara, which closed behind them. Thorim turned to the hero and told him that they fought well. He was wrong to question Odyn's choice. The forces of Ulduar would stand behind the Valarjar if they were willing to aid them in finding Hodir. Thorim said that Hodir had always been too impulsive for his own good. His judgement was accurate about the hero, however. He did not think it possible for a mere mortal to be worthy of Odyn's blessing, he said before teleporting everyone back to Skyhold.[46]

Back to Skyhold

Odyn sincerely thanked the hero upon their return. That Hodir was gone was unfortunate he said, but things could have gone much worse and thanks to the hero, Ulduar did not fall to the Legion that day.[39] Thorim told the hero that they showed bravery in Ulduar, and that he would fulfill his oath to answer the call of the Gjallarhorn by unleashing the wrath of thunder upon their enemies.[47] Dvalen Ironrune said he was sworn to protect Ulduar and, if it wasn't for their aid, he would've failed that promise. He would be glad to work by the hero's side and smash the fiends that attacked Ulduar.[48]


Approaching Odyn, the Keeper said that as Hodir valiantly went through that demonic portal, he should've earned an honorable death, but instead was taken prisoner by Legion scum. Odyn always imagined the battles of the end days to take place here in Azeroth, but now they would bring the fight to the enemy if it meant sparing one of their own that terrible fate. Hymdall believed that with the right power source, he could reactivate and redirect the Legion's own gateways.[49]

Odyn thus ordered the Battlelord to gather demonic runestones from demons and let the final conflict begin. The Legion would rue the day they set their sights on Azeroth.[49] The raw power of the runestones would indeed allow Hymdall to temporarily open a tear into demonic worlds, but they would not be enough. The Legion hid its presence in far away worlds with dark magic. The Valarjar needed a greater runestone so that Hymdall could hone in on their enemies across the cosmos.[50]

As the Valarjar prepared to launch an attack on the Legion's own world of Niskara, it was important to not give reprieve to their enemies in this world, said Odyn. While they sought to secure enemy gateways, the hero would return to the Broken Isles and carry on the battle against those who stood against them.[51] As for the  [Greater Demonic Runestone], it was retrieved from the nathrezim Dantalionax in the castle of Black Rook Hold.

The gateway

The time had come to make a move against the Legion. The Legion had multiple portals across the Broken Isles. Should the Valarjar succeed in securing one while it was still active, Hymdall would be able to use the gathered runestones to direct it to whatever hellish world Hodir was trapped in, proclaimed Odyn. The search for a suitable gateway thus began.[52] The Valarjar investigated Felsoul Hold,[53] but it was not suitable for their plans. They were sent to Felblaze Ingress instead,[54] which they found was the only place powerful enough to take the Valarjar to Niskara. Hymdall would however need to wrest it from the Legion first.[55] The Valarjar succeeded in capturing the Legion's gateway, and it was now time to deliver a decisive blow to the enemy; they would not wait for them to strike here.[52]

Hymdall opens the gateway for the Valarjar

Assault on Niskara

The Valarjar joined their forces at Felblaze Ingress. There, was standing at the inactive gateway Thorim, Dvalen Ironrune, Finna Bjornsdottir, and Ragnvald Drakeborn. Hymdall was at the front and center of the group, surrounded by Stormforged Valarjar and Valarjar Shieldmaidens. The corpses of demons lay scattered about the area. Hymdall claimed that the Legion were not the only ones who could reach through the cosmos to strike their enemies. The hero gave the word to Hymdall to open and maintain the gateway from this side. It was time.[56]

The Valarjar assault Niskara

As the Valarjar ascended into the gates of Niskara, Odyn told them that the Burning Legion would regret ever laying their sights on his domain. His armies were at the hero's command, and he would lead them to victory. The golden warriors were immediately assaulted by felbat riders, warlocks striking from above. The hero launched themselves onto one of those Niskaran felbats, and killed its rider. The others would suffer the same fate.[57]

The Battlelord drove their weapon into the felbat, who screeched in pain, causing them to dive near Thorim who was fighting off a group of demons.[58] Together, they fought the felguards attacking the Keeper,[59] before heading to the area where Hodir was held. There, a fel-corrupted Hodir stood, with three jailers channeling fel energies into the titanic Keeper. They rushed to his defense, but as the demons were slain, Hodir yelled:[60]

Hodir says: It is too late for me... I can only feel...
Hodir yells: HATE!!
Jailers channeling fel energies into Hodir, corrupted by the Burning Legion

The Valarjar valiantly fought the fallen Keeper, but Lady Ran'zara returned, claiming that she would not let them destroy her newest pet. Fortunately she could not withstand the might of the Valarjar, and as she was killed, the fel energy dissipated. Hodir was freed from the Legion's influence. Hymdall thus opened a portal for them to return to Skyhold.[61]


The Valarjar, victorious

Odyn thanked the Battlelord once more. Without their help, one of Azeroth's mightiest guardians would have fallen into the hands of the Legion. The hero had proven they were capable of leading his armies and defeating the Legion in their own territory.[56] Hodir told the Battlelord he was in their debt, that the winds of the north were now at their service, and that he would gladly fight along their side in Odyn's army.[62]

Odyn told the Battlelord that he had been watching them. Time and again they had led the Valarjar to war with their weapon held high. Time and again the Halls of Valor had thundered with the cheers of their victory. Now that the enhancements to the Forge of Odyn were completed, it was time that their weapon's true potential was unleashed. The Battlelord and Odyn met at the Forge where the Keeper held the following speech.[63]

Odyn says: Over the long ages of my watch, rarely have I seen a warrior so in tune with a weapon. It is as if your very blood flows through its steel.
Odyn says: Your glorious campaign in the Broken Isles had yielded victories and resources that can reforge your weapon, awakening its true potential.
Odyn says: Here, before the Forge of Odyn, you will see your ancient artifact reshaped to become mightier than ever before!
Odyn says: Now you hold a weapon truly worthy of my war bringer! May you continue to bring honor and glory to the Valarjar!

Quest chain

Original campaign

Unique warrior rewards


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