Valarjar Spear-Sister

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NeutralValarjar Spear-Sister
Image of Valarjar Spear-Sister
Gender Female
Race(s) Vrykul
Level 45
Class Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Valarjar, Armies of Legionfall
Location Deliverance Point, Broken Shore
Vindicaar, Argus

Valarjar Spear-Sisters are female vrykul members of the Valarjar faction, who used their expertise as warriors in battle during the third invasion of the Burning Legion. They principally answer to Odyn, and the Battlelord of the Valarjar.

Initially, the Spear-Sisters would be involved in the Assault on Broken Shore (as part of the Armies of Legionfall) based from Deliverance Point, where they fought alongside other Valarjar elements, as well as forces from the other Class Orders. Later, they would join in the Argus Campaign, and found themselves stationed on board the Vindicaar.

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