HordeValiant Of Thunder Bluff
Start Runok Wildmane
End Runok Wildmane
Level 25-30
Category Argent Tournament
Reputation +10 Thunder Bluff
Rewards 1g 32s
Previous H [25-30] The Valiant's Challenge
Next H [25-30] The Valiant's Charge

This quest is made available after completing The Valiant's Challenge for one of the other racial factions, allowing players to become a champion of another race after reaching the rank of Champion. Accepting this quest will not cause players to lose their champion rank, it instead opens up a different fork of the quest chain.


Speak with Runok Wildmane again if you wish to become a valiant of Thunder Bluff.


Welcome, champion. As grand champion of the Thunder Bluff delegation, I would be honored to welcome you into our ranks, if you are willing.

You will train and rise through the ranks as you have before, but when you are named a champion of Thunder Bluff, your gruntling will have the option of carrying our banner into battle.


You will receive: 1g 32s


I am honored that you have chosen to join our delegation. I know you will make us proud, <name>.


  1. H [25-30] The Argent Tournament
  2. H [25-30] Up To The Challenge and complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Aspirant's Seals] to continue. (15 seals at 5 per day)
  3. H [25-30] The Aspirant's Challenge
  4. Players will be offered one of these quests based on their race:
  5. H [25-30] The Valiant's Charge and complete the daily quests listed below to earn enough [Valiant's Seals] to continue. (25 seals at 5 per day)
  6. H [25-30] The Valiant's Challenge
  7. H [25-30] A Champion Rises

After completing "H [25-30] The Valiant's Challenge", the following quests open up allowing players to repeat the valiant stage of daily quests (steps six and seven) for the other factions with which they have not yet earned the right to champion:

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