Validated Doomsayer

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For other doomsayers, see Doomsayer.
NeutralValidated Doomsayer
Image of Validated Doomsayer
Race(s) Dwarf, Forsaken, Human, Gnome, Night elf, Orc, Tauren, Jungle troll
Level 110
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dalaran, Broken Isles

Validated Doomsayers are doomsayers whose doomsday preachings were finally proven right after the appearance of Argus in the skies of Azeroth.


The end is coming!
Would you like a pamphlet?

Gossip I'll take a pamphlet.

Outside Dalaran Merchant's Bank
  • Open your eyes, <name>! Only lies await you inside. The truth is in the skies!
  • Possessions are meaningless! Look to the sky! The end is upon us!
  • Material goods cannot save you, <name>!
  • This place offers only empty promises! Wealth cannot save you!
  • Gaze into the skies above! The truth reveals itself at last!
  • The end is upon us!
  • The world will be shaped anew!
  • There is no escape from the inevitable!
  • The Light has forsaken us!
  • Forces beyond our comprehension have seen us unworthy!
  • A searing emerald fire will burn away our corruption!
  • Our time ends, the cleansing is nigh!


The pamphlets they can give out are updates of those of the Legion Invasions:



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