Not to be confused with Valkyrion.
Main leader IconSmall Vrykul Female.gif Ashildir
IconSmall Valkier.gif Eyir
Race(s) IconSmall Vrykul Female.gif Vrykul
IconSmall Valkier.gif Val'kyr
Character classes Priestess, Shieldmaiden, Warrior
Capital Skold-Ashil
Theater of operations Stormheim
Affiliation Independent, Tideskorn clan, Valarjar
Status Active

The Valkyra are a sister organization to the Valarjar made up of shieldmaidens from the Tideskorn clan that aspire to be val'kyr, supporting priestesses, and the val'kyr themselves. Ashildir, Queen of the Valkyra, is long dead but still leads them to this day. They protect the Vault of Eyir.

Despite their proximity to the Valarjar, they are still hostile to adventurers and several missions are dedicated to attack them.

Though they are created through the techniques Odyn gleamed from Bastion's kyrians, Hyrja's ritual of ascension involves imbuing her with "storm" and "Light".[1]



Name Role Status Location
 Eyir Titan Watcher[2] Alive Halls of Valor
  Hyrja Chosen of Eyir Alive Halls of Valor
 Lafayla Mightblade Alive Stormheim
 Ashildir Queen of the Valkyra Alive Stormheim
 Bretta the Bold Alive Stormheim
 Froijla Axebearer Alive Stormheim
 Silent Shale Alive Stormheim
 Isel the Hammer Alive Stormheim
 Ivory Sentinel Alive Stormheim
 Hylara Alive Stormheim
 Lagertha Former Member Alive Stormheim
 Priestess Halla Alive Stormheim


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