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Stormwind City TCG

The Valley of Heroes as depicted in the Trading Card Game.

The Valley of Heroes

The Valley of Heroes in World of Warcraft.

“Isn't it amazing, children? All who enter the city must walk beneath the watchful eyes of the greatest heroes of our lands.”

— Miss Danna

The Valley of Heroes is a valley that lies before Stormwind Gate. A bridge of stone crosses the narrow moat and is the first sight of all who enter. This gloriously lush valley lies south of the city, and many visitors must pass through it, as it is one of three entrances to Stormwind (the others are the Deeprun Tram, and the Stormwind Harbor). The statues of five famous Alliance heroes stand on either side of the path, welcoming visitors while providing an awe-inspiring warning.

The valley is also the location of several important Stormwind officials. Astride his tall stallion is General Hammond Clay, the successor of the late General Marcus Jonathan, as commander of the defense of Stormwind City. Down the left fork of the bridge is the paladin, Major Mattingly, and down to the right stands Field Marshal Stonebridge.


Anduin Varian Chronicle

King Varian Wrynn and Prince Anduin returning to Stormwind City after Onyxia's defeat.

Post-Second War[]

After the Second War and during the reconstruction of Stormwind, five statues were built in this valley to commemorate the sacrifice of the Alliance Expedition members during their campaign on the orcish homeworld of Draenor. These heroes comprised the leadership of the expedition that traveled through the Dark Portal to seal the dimensional rift from the other side. On the left are Kurdran Wildhammer, Thane of Aerie Peak, and the Archmage Khadgar of the Kirin Tor; on the right are Force Commander Danath Trollbane and Ranger-Captain Alleria Windrunner; at the end of the main road, just before it splits to enter Stormwind City proper, is General Turalyon, the expedition's military leader.

A few years after the construction of the monuments, Alleria and Turalyon's son Arator was present at a ceremony in the Valley of Heroes, sitting on the shoulders of a Knight of the Silver Hand and looking up at the statue of his mother, a face he couldn't remember. Alleria was observing this from aboard the Xenedar, the vessel of the Army of the Light, and sent her feelings to Arator through the Light. When he received her emotions, the young Arator looked around, smiled, and then reached out to her statue. He would return again and again to the Valley of Heroes to see her face, knowing she would always love him.[1]

The Comic[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

After he returned from his quest in Dustwallow Marsh, where he killed the black dragon Onyxia who kidnapped his son Anduin, King Varian Wrynn ordered his soldiers to hang the head of the Broodmother from the ramparts of Stormwind City.[2]


WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

During the War Against the Nightmare, while the Emerald Nightmare's mist enveloped Stormwind City, the Valley of Heroes was plunged into darkness.[3]

Cataclysm era[]

Cataclysm This section concerns content related to Cataclysm.
Cinematic Deathwing

Deathwing in the Valley of Heroes.

During the Elemental Unrest, to advocate the beliefs of the Twilight's Hammer in public, Doomsday Messages were placed in certain areas in Stormwind, including the Valley of Heroes, by Alliance adventurers who had infiltrated the cult.[4]

During the Cataclysm, Danath's statue was toppled by Deathwing, who also damaged the two towers overlooking the valley, leaving fiery claw marks on them, while his immense weight also caused severe damage to the tower foundations.[5] The Black Aspect also retrieved the head of his daughter Onyxia from the ramparts.[6] Construction workers led by Foreman Wick and Mason Goldgild began trying to get Danath's statue back in place, but the work went slowly due to disagreements between the two foremen.[7][8]

After the Cataclysm, and turning over his seat on the Council of Three Hammers to Falstad, Kurdran Wildhammer stated that he would go to Stormwind to meet King Varian and to see his statue. By the time of the invasion of Pandaria, he was the first of the five Alliance Expedition leaders to have visited the valley.[9]

During a Remembrance Day celebration, the traditional Honor Ceremony took place in the shadow of the valley's statues.[5]

Tides of War[]

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With the death of General Marcus Jonathan during the Attack on Theramore Isle,[10] the valley's guards were put under the command of General Hammond Clay.

Mists of Pandaria[]

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

Despite the bickering between Foreman Wick and Mason Goldgild, the city's workers eventually finished repairing all of the damages to the valley during the events of the invasion on Pandaria.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.
TurAlleria VoH ThreeSisters

Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner visiting the valley in Windrunner: Three Sisters.

Khadgar might have seen his statue when he flew to Stormwind Keep to warn the Alliance that the Burning Legion had returned (if he had not seen it before), but he may well have been too preoccupied to be concerned with such things. Alleria and Turalyon saw theirs after the imprisonment of Sargeras at the end of the third invasion of the Burning Legion and their return from Argus. They both felt unsettled by their monuments.[1] Turalyon also thought that his statue's nose had been botched.[11]

Battle for Azeroth[]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

During the War of the Thorns, refugees from Darnassus were spread throughout the city, including the Valley of Heroes.[12]

After the downfall of N'Zoth, Turalyon found Alleria in the valley reflecting about "simpler times".

Getting there[]

To get to the Valley of Heroes, you can head southeast from the Trade District. Heading southeast out of the Valley of Heroes takes you into Elwynn Forest proper.


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  • Kurdran Wildhammer[]

    Main article: Kurdran Wildhammer

    Renowned Dragon Fighter. Gryphon Master of the Aerie Peak. Commander of the Gryphon Rider Division attached to the Alliance Expedition that marched into the orc homeworld of Draenor. Presumed deceased.

    We will hear Sky-Ree's calls upon the winds. We will hear your hammer thunder across the mountaintops. Ride hard into the hereafter, brother. The halls of our ancestors await you.

    - High Thane Falstad Wildhammer

    Archmage Khadgar of the Kirin Tor[]

    Main article: Khadgar

    Former apprentice of Medivh. Supreme Commander of the Alliance Expedition that marched into the orc homeworld of Draenor. Presumed deceased.

    Never did one so selflessly delve into the dark heart of magic and warfare. We wish you well, bold wanderer. Wherever you are.

    - Antonidas - Archmage of Dalaran

    General Turalyon[]

    Main article: Turalyon

    Former Lieutenant to Lord Anduin Lothar. Knight of the Silver Hand. High General of the Alliance Expedition that marched into the orc homeworld of Draenor. Presumed deceased.

    Esarus thar no'Darador' - By Blood and Honor We Serve.
    You were the right hand of justice and virtue, old friend. Your name will be honored in our halls always.

    - Lord Uther the Lightbringer - Knight of the Silver Hand

  • Danath Trollbane[]

    Main article: Danath Trollbane

    Militia Commander of Stromgarde. Tactical Advisor to General Turalyon, Force Commander of the Alliance Expedition that marched into the orc homeworld of Draenor. Presumed deceased.

    We honor your memory, nephew, and your sacrifice. Since the founding of our glorious empire, the path to valor has always been drenched with the blood of heroes.

    - Thoras Trollbane, Lord of Stromgarde

    Ranger Captain Alleria Windrunner[]

    Main article: Alleria Windrunner

    Renowned Troll Hunter of Quel'Thalas. Lead Scout and Intelligence Agent for the Alliance Expedition that marched into the orc homeworld of Draenor.

    Your heart flew straight as any arrow upon the wind, sister. You were the brightest of our Order. You were the most beloved of our kin.

    - Sylvanas Windrunner - Ranger General of Quel'Thalas

In the RPG[]


The Valley of Heroes in Shadows & Light.

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

In Lands of Conflict[]

This gloriously lush valley lies south of the city, and all visitors must pass through it, as it is the only entrance to Stormwind. Statues of heroes such as Danath Trollbane, Alleria Windrunner and High General Turalyon stand on either side of the road, welcoming visitors while providing an awe-inspiring warning.[13]

In Shadows & Light[]

While on a diplomatic visit to Stormwind, Akinos Steelclaw discussed the heroes of the valley with Cristof Dungalion and another member of the Stormwind City Guard.[14]

Notes and trivia[]

Blizzcon 2017 - Blizzard World

Valley of Heroes-inspired area in Overwatch.

  • It is interesting to note that despite the five heroes being presumed deceased and the plaques on their statues reading like epitaphs, all five turned out to still be alive as of the beginning of Legion, having all survived the destruction of Draenor.
    • Another note, one of irony, is that the dedication quotes for nearly all the statues are by those who have since died: only Falstad is alive, while Sylvanas and Thoras are undead.
  • When Anduin Wrynn found Shalamayne on the Broken Shore, he briefly saw a vision of himself and his late father Varian in the Valley of Heroes, with Varian encouraging his son in his next steps.[15]
  • According to the book Blinking Rules & Regulations, a statue of General Turalyon was once severely damaged by magma in an attempt to rescue Harland Wilson, a mage who accidentally got inserted into the statue when using the spell Spell arcane blink [Blink]. Although the book doesn't specify if this is referring to Turalyon's statue in the Valley of Heroes, it does mention a group of school children who were horrified at the sight of the melting statue, which is likely a reference to Miss Danna's students who regularly visit the Valley of Heroes in-game to learn more about the legends represented by the statues.
  • Prior to patch 2.4.0, the subzone's in-game name was written as "Valley Of Heroes".
  • Kurdran's epitaph was originally signed by "Falstad Wildhammer - Lord of Aerie Peak", but at some point after Classic it was changed to "High Thane Falstad Wildhammer".
  • The valley forms the entrance to the Blizzard World map in Overwatch.
  • Curiously, both Khadgar and Turalyon are dissatisfied with their respective statues: the former thinks he doesn't look as old as his statue depicts him, and the latter thinks his statue's nose has been botched.[16][11]


Patch changes[]

  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.2.0 (2013-03-05): All damages repaired, Trollbane's statue restored.
  • Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Valley damaged; Trollbane's statue toppled; Farseer Umbrua moved to the Dwarven District.


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