Valley of Kings

The Valley of Kings is located in the southwestern corner of the dwarven territory of Loch Modan, just west of Stonesplinter Valley. When going to or from Dun Morogh by the South Gate Pass, adventurers pass through a piece of this verdant valley, which also is an important throughway to the dangerous region known as the Searing Gorge. The gate to the gorge remains under lock and guard, and adventurers have to prove their power to Mountaineer Pebblebitty before she will grant them full access through the gate.

The main feature of this area is the two large statues of Dwarven kings Madoran Bronzebeard and Khardros Wildhammer. After the deaths of Madoran and Khardros, their sons jointly commissioned two great statues in honor of their fathers. The two statues would stand guard over the pass into the southlands, which had become volcanic in the wake of Ragnaros' scorching presence. They served as both a warning to all who would attack the dwarven kingdoms, and as a reminder of what price the Dark Irons paid for their crimes.[1]


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