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Valley of the Emperors

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For the subzone, see Valley of Emperors.
Valley of the Emperors

Valley of the Emperors is a wood-panel scroll located at [58.3, 71.4] the Tomb of Conquerors in Kun-Lai Summit. It is found leaning against the large altar in the first room at the bottom of the steps.

Interacting with the scroll is one of the requirements of the Pandaria exploration achievement [The Dark Heart of the Mogu].

Valley of the Emperors

The mogu view their dead as a collection of parts. Souls could be bound to stone for later use. Flesh and blood could be reforged to extend the lives of those loyal to the emperor. To be buried intact was a symbol of great power and respect.

Here lies the Valley of the Emperors, the resting grounds of a hundred generations of warlords, kings, and emperors who once ruled this land.

Grave-rob at your own risk!

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