For The Halls of Origination subzone, see Vault of Lights (Halls of Origination).

The Vault of Lights is a section of the Exodar that has a number of trainers, and is the favorite haunt of the Prophet Velen.

A holographic museum of several Burning Legion minions takes up most of the Vault. Seemingly, the draenei want to have the upper hand if the Legion shows up again.[1] Tour groups regularly view the displays, striding from one hologram to another. As they approach various hologram emitters, the emitters state facts about the particular unit, namely the name, the species, its affiliation, and its function.

This area houses the Vindicators' Sanctum (paladin trainers), the Hall of the Mystics (mage/portal trainers and wand/reagent vendors), and the Anchorites' Sanctum (priest trainers). At the top of the stairs, on the platform, are the Battlemasters and the Prophet Velen. A small enclosure in the corner houses Herbalism/Alchemy trainers, and a spiral transparent walkway leads up to a second entrance for the Exodar, overlooking Valaar's Berth.

The naaru helped build the Exodar, and K'yal designed this vault as a safe place to protect knowledge. There's also a mural of K'yal, made from brightly colored glass. After the Fourth War, the area was visited by Zekhan and Rexxar. The troll ambassador noticed scholars studying all around them.[1]


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