Vault of the Wardens: Vault Break-In

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NeutralVault of the Wardens: Vault Break-In
Start Auto-accept
End Belath Dawnblade
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Type Dungeon
Category Demon Hunter Campaign
Rewards 77g 60s
Previous N Demon hunter [110] Strange Bedfellows
Next N Demon hunter [110] The Crux of the Plan


Retrieve the Sargerite Keystone.


<All that is left now is to travel to the Isle of the Watchers off of southwest Azsuna. There, you will need to break back in to the Vault of the Wardens and descend down into its lowest recesses where once you were imprisoned.>

<Within the so-called Vault of the Betrayer, where the Wardens once held Illidan's corpse, the Sargerite Keystone awaits.>


You will receive:

  • 77g 60s


Were you successful, <name>? Have you recovered the Sargerite Keystone?


Finally, revenge against Cordana Felsong for all of the demon hunters whom she tempted into becoming Felsworn. Cyana, Tirathon, Glayvianna, Cailyn, Illysanna, and more.

Her death has been a long time coming.

The Sargerite Keystone is once more in our possession. Now, to look to the future.


The Sargerite Keystone is dropped by Cordana Felsong.


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