The Vector Coil.

The Vector Coil on fire.

The Vector Coil is a power core[1] portion of the Exodar that crashed into western Bloodmyst Isle.[18, 54] The area is a source of power of the blood elf invaders in the Azuremyst Isles, and is fortified by saboteurs and agents of the Sunhawks, minions of Kael'thas Sunstrider. The blood elves are pumping magic power out of the crystals to empower their own. An eredar named Sironas is the leader of the Sunhawks in Bloodmyst and is harvesting power from the Vector Coil itself.

The sun gate is located to the south of the Vector Coil and it is guarded by Sunhawk Defenders and Sunhawk Pyromancers. It is used to summon more and more blood elf invaders into the island from Outland. The Vector Coil and the Sun Gate are both tainted due to the blood crystals from the Exodar's crash landing.


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