A typical veilwing.

An armored veilwing.

Veilwings[1][2][3] are feathered dragonkin native to Ardenweald. No creature in Ardenweald is more respected for its fierce defense of its family or territory than the graceful and dangerous veilwings.[1] They can breathe charged anima at their enemies, either in a cone like how Azerothian dragons breathe fire,[4] or by spitting it out in bolts. The latter allow the Night Fae to effectively use them as anti-air cannons.[2] Veilwing hearts are sources of great magical power and are especially useful in necromantic rituals.[5]

One veilwing, the Sylverian Dreamer, came into existence as the result of a Dalaranian artist on Azeroth dreaming of painting a "beautiful feathered dragon".[6]


As a mount

 [Sylverian Dreamer] is purchasable from the Shop or In-Game Store.



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