AllianceVelog Icebellow
Image of Velog Icebellow
Gender Male
Race Frost dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 25-30 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Frosthold, Storm Peaks
Status Alive

Velog Icebellow is a frost dwarf at Frosthold. He helps you in certain quests by lending you a Stormcrest Eagle to ride. He later on takes charge of the Frostborn Clan after Yorg Stormheart goes to settle some unfinished business in A [25-30] The Brothers Bronzebeard, only staying behind because of orders from the king himself.



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Good to see ya again!

King Stormheart has informed me that he will be taking his leave for a time... a grim memory brought back to him has left him with a score to settle it seems. He was very insistent that we not join him, so we have respected his wishes as we always do.

I have taken responsibility for our clan in the meantime. You are still welcome with us, of course.

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Preceded by:
Yorg Stormheart (as King)
Regent Lord of the Frostborn
Succeeded by: