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NeutralVendellin Soulfire
Image of Vendellin Soulfire
Gender Male
Race Blood elf
Class Warlock
Status Deceased
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Vendellin Soulfire was a powerful blood elf warlock paid by Katrana Prestor to find and kill King Varian Wrynn. He flew with his dragonhawk mount to the Wetlands and found Varian, accompanied by Broll Bearmantle, Valeera Sanguinar, and Thargas Anvilmar. He cast the Mark of Kathra'natir, a powerful corrupting curse, upon Valeera, then summoned a huge doomguard to fight Broll and Thargas while he battled Varian himself. Eventually, his doomguard was torn apart by Broll's roots and Vendellin was beheaded by Varian. Valeera's curse would worsen over time, with fel runes growing on her body.[1]


  • "Can you feel that, child? Fel energy. You've already tasted what I can offer, haven't you, and found it sweet? Yes, I can feel your desire. And I am merciful. You shall have what you crave."
  • "You pay all now or this conversation is at an end. I regret to say that the nobles of Stormwind have a certain...reputation...for reneging on their debts. You see, my lady, I know you for what you are."