Image of Veng
Title <The Fifth Khan>
Gender Male
Race Centaur (Undead)
Level 44 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Galak clan
Occupation Khan
Location Outer Maraudon
Status Deceased

Veng was an undead centaur found in Maraudon. In life he was the fifth alleged offspring of Zaetar and Theradras,[1] and also the first Khan of the Galak clan. He manifests when the  [Amulet of Spirits] is used on the Spirit of Veng.

Unlike with the other khans, the Galak clan isn't directly named after him.


  • Ability ensnare.png  Hooked Net — Immobilizes nearby enemies for 6 sec. and inflicts Physical damage.
  • Ability upgrademoonglaive.png  Multi-Shot — Fires a volley of missiles at an enemy and its nearby allies, striking up to 3 targets for 110% weapon damage.
  • Ability marksmanship.png  Shoot — Shoots at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage.

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