Vengeful Gladiator's Bonecracker (Drums of War)

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Vengeful Gladiator's Bonecracker
Vengeful Gladiator's Bonecracker TCG Card.jpg
Full art
"Some arena contests last too long, which makes the crowd upset. We don't want an unhappy crowd." - Vixton Pinchwhistle
Supertype Equipment
Type 1H Arena Weapon
Subtype Mace
Tags Melee(1)
Rules When a resource enters play under your control, put a +1 ATK counter on Vengeful Gladiator's Bonecracker.
ATK type Melee
Strike cost 0
Cost 2
Class Rogue, Warrior
Set Drums of War
Number 235/268
Rarity Rare
Artist Raymond Swanland
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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.