Venomhide Eggs

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HordeVenomhide Eggs
Start Mor'vek
End Mor'vek
Level 53
Category Un'Goro Crater
Experience 750 or 45s at 80
Rewards 80s
Previous H [53] Toxic Tolerance
Next They Grow Up So Fast


Bring 4 Venomhide Ravasaur Eggs to Mor'vek in the southeast part of the Marshlands.


Now that you've built up an immunity to venomhide toxin, you can safely handle the animals and their eggs. Venomhides are vicious and must be trained from the moment they hatch.

If you want to ride one, you'll need an unhatched egg. Scattered throughout the Marshlands are a number of ravasaur nests. Look for the eggs with lighter colored shells—those are the ones that will hatch venomhides.

If you bring me several of the eggs, I'll allow you to keep one and raise its [hatchling], with my guidance.


You will receive: 80s


Did you find those eggs?


Good work. Honestly, I'm amazed you were able to find this many. With each clutch, they seem fewer in number.

I'll let you raise one of the freshly-hatched venomhides. It shouldn't be shy about letting you know what it needs.


  • 750 XP or 80s at level 80


  1. H [53] Toxic Tolerance
  2. H [53] Venomhide Eggs
  3. H [53] They Grow Up So Fast

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