Venomweb Vale

Venomweb Vale[83, 47] is a wide valley located in eastern Tirisfal Glades, just south of the Scarlet Monastery. While the vale used to be a haven for hunting deer and rabbits, its trees verdant and the grass green, it is now a tainted place full of poisonous and deadly spiders led by Sri'skulk which give the vale its new name. Venomweb Vale was the traditional meeting place of the Council of Tirisfal and the place where the first Guardian of Tirisfal was empowered.[1] The spiders in the area were created by a member of the Council in a mad bid to secure the meeting place.[1]

In the northern part of the valley, darkhounds roam near the Scarlet Encampment, a Scarlet Crusade camp under the command of Lieutenant Sanders.



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