NeutralVenture Bay
Venture Bay.jpg
Type Port
Leader(s) Alliance Commander Howser
Horde General Khazgar
Race(s) HumanHuman Human
OrcOrc Orc
TaurenTauren Tauren
GoblinGoblin Goblin
UndeadUndead Undead
Language(s) Common, Orcish, Taur-ahe
Resource(s) Fish
Affiliation(s) Venture Company
Location Grizzly Hills, Northrend[17.9, 74.9]
Status Contested

Venture Bay is a harbor located in the small southwestern coastal area of Grizzly Hills, Northrend. [17.9, 74.9] The harbor is being used by the Venture Company, but appears to be a center of conflict between Alliance and Horde over access to this port. Scouts from the Westfall Brigade Encampment for the Alliance and Conquest Hold for the Horde are engaged in constant battle. [1]

The area contains stables and several lumber mills.


Alliance NPCs

Horde NPCs


The Venture Bay lighthouse is located in the very south end of the bay. It is caught through PvP means similar to the Broken Hill, The Stadium and The Overlook in Hellfire Peninsula - you must be on the ground near the lighthouse while flagged for PvP (flying does not count). Further, changing ownership does not automatically replace all NPCs of one faction with those of the other. Instead it spawns elite NPCs from the new faction, which then battle the previous faction elites.

The faction in control is given access to a fourth PvP daily quest and the NPC who trades Honor Points for gear.


Venture Bay normally offers three daily quests to both factions, each rewarding 50 Honor Points.

An additional daily quest is offered at the lighthouse for the faction currently in control.

Venture Coin Vendors

Vendors are only available when your side (Horde or Alliance) owns the Lighthouse.

The following are available from either

Item Cost Item Type Class
 [Goblin Repetition Reducer] 1 Mark of Honor Trinket
 [Arcane Revitalizer] 1 Mark of Honor Trinket
 [Thick Goblin Back Protector] 1 Mark of Honor Back
 [Venture Bay Buccaneer's Cape] 1 Mark of Honor Back
 [Oil-Stained Tarp] 1 Mark of Honor Back
 [Venture Battle Wand] 1 Mark of Honor Wand


Before patch 4.0.1, Venture Coins were rewarded for completing the PvP quests, and used to purchase gear from the Venture Coin Vendor.

Patch changes


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