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Not to be confused with Verina.
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Gender Female
Race High elf
Class Elven ranger
Affiliation(s) Alliance Expedition, Farstriders[1]
Occupation Lieutenant, Second-in-command
Location Telogrus Rift
Status Undead
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Verana was the right hand and friend of Alleria Windrunner during the Alliance Expedition's incursion against Ner'zhul and the united orc clans. On the eve of the crossing through the Dark Portal, Alleria came to Verana and asked of her to do her a great service. Alleria explained that it was evident that there was a great risk that she might die in her campaign, and wanted Verana to deliver pendants to Sylvanas and Vereesa. Verana promised to keep them instead, awaiting Alleria's return so that she could give them to the sisters herself. With that, she departed for Quel'Thalas.[2]

Eventually, she gave one of the pendants to Sylvanas, who lost it during her final stand at a spire formerly located somewhere between the Elrendar River and Fairbreeze Village. Inv jewelry necklace 16 [The Lady's Necklace] was one day to be recovered from anguished undead that had taken it to Windrunner Spire, the Ranger-General's former home.[3]

Her status remains unknown but as she was able to deliver the necklaces to Quel'Thalas she may have died during the Third War during the Scourge attack.