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Image of Verdrak
Gender Male
Race(s) Centaur (perfect one)
Location Killed in Northern Barrens
Status Deceased
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This article contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

Verdrak was one of the perfect ones serving in Aratas' centaur army. He was considered one of the centaur's strongest fighters. While camped in the Northern Barrens, Verdrak and a group of other perfect ones brought the runt Dorthar along for a nightly patrol, only to then reveal that they planned to kill him for being weak and impure. The execution was interrupted by Malgar, who killed Verdrak with an arrow through the chest.[1]


  • "Look at yourself, Dorthar. Even the sight of you disgusts us."[1]
  • "The High Khan commands it. His vision is of a strong and pure race. You are nothing but a weak, twisted stain--Small. Frail. Misshapen."[1]
  • "You may kill us now, but your fate is clear--the day of the orc is over! The day of the centaur is--" (Last words)[1]


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