Verinias the Twisted (quest)

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NeutralVerinias the Twisted
Start Sensiria
End Sensiria
Level 37 (Requires 35)
Category Feralas
Experience 4600
Rewards  [Twisted Leggings] or  [Luring Footpads] or  [Condensed Essence Bracers] or  [Sensiria's Shroud]
Previous N [37] The Darkmist Legacy, N [37] Ancient Suffering


Defeat Verinias the Twisted.

Provided item:


The other spirits and I are bound here by a cruel demon named Verinias. He is our captor, a twisted, mindless beast who devours our souls over milennia.

The lure of the souls and arcane magic you've brought me should let you draw him out. Take this condensed essence to the dead tree at the far north of the ruins. Use it to lure Verinias and slay him, that I may finally be free...


You must free me from Verinias's grasp! I can grant the amulet to you if you do...


I'm free...finally! Oh, it feels so good to be free...

Oh, you saw, didn't you?


You will receive: 40s

You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv pants cloth 39v2.png [Twisted Leggings] Inv boots leather 11.png [Luring Footpads]
Inv bracer 78v2.png [Condensed Essence Bracers] Inv misc cape 26.png [Sensiria's Shroud]


Upon slaying Verinias the Twisted, the night elf spirits of Sensiria and Verinias appear:

Verinias says: I love you, Sensiria, but I must leave here.
Verinias says: I will leave to follow Dath'remar and the others. The Shen'dralar have gone too far. To traffic with demons...we're giving ourselves over to corruption.
Sensiria says: Oh, Verinias. You poor fool. You should have left earlier.
Sensiria says: It's too late to stop them. Let me show you their glory...
Sensiria channels a dark spell into Verinias.
Verinias says: No! NO!
Verinias is transformed into a demon.

Upon turning in the quest, Sensiria transforms into a succubus:

Sensiria says: You've been so nice, <name>. I've been trapped here so long thanks to Verinias. That young elf was the first soul I've tasted in ages.
Sensiria says: Even after I gifted him with that form, he insisted on keeping me trapped. He even hoarded all the souls just so I couldn't have stubborn.
Sensiria says: I owe you a favor, darling...someday I'll be back to repay it.
Sensiria teleports away.


AllianceDreamer's Rest / HordeCamp Ataya

  1. Breadcrumbs:B [35] The Wilds of Feralas, A [35] Hero's Call: Feralas!, or H [35] Warchief's Command: Feralas!
  2. B [36] Signs of Change
  3. B [36] More Than Illness
  4. B [36] Tears of Stone, B [36] The Land, Corrupted
  5. B [36] Sealing the Dream
  6. A [36] General Shandris Feathermoon / H [36] To Stonemaul Hold

Alliance Feathermoon Stronghold

  1. A [37] The Battle of Sardor
  2. A [37] Hatecrest Forces, A [37] General Skessesh
  3. Breadcrumb: A [37] Report to Silvia

The Dire Maul threat: Alliance Tower of Estulan / Horde Stonemaul Hold

  1. B [36] The Gordunni Threat
  2. Side Chain:
    1. B [36] The Gordunni Orb
    2. A [37] Estulan's Examination / H [37] Talk to Swar'jan
    3. B [37] Ogre Abduction
  3. A [37] Gordok Guards, H [37] Rulers of Dire Maul

Forces of Nature Part 1 / Weapons of Spirit Part 1:

  1. A [37] Forces of Nature: Wisps / H [38] Testing the Vessel
  2. A [37] Forces of Nature: Hippogryphs / H [38] Hippogryph Muisek
  3. A [37] Forces of Nature: Treants / H [37] The Flow of Muisek
  4. A [36] Tell Silvia
  5. A [37] Might of the Sentinels / H [37] Might of the Stonemaul
  6. H [38] To Camp Mojache
  7. A [37] The Lost Apprentice / H [37] The Darkmist Ruins
  8. N [37] The Darkmist Legacy, N [37] Ancient Suffering
  9. N [37] Verinias the Twisted
  10. A [37] Return to Vestia / H [37] Return to Sage Palerunner
  11. A [38] Adella's Covert Camp
  12. B [38] War on the Woodpaw
  13. Horde-only side chain
    1. H [38] Woodpaw Investigation
    2. H [39] The Battle Plans
  14. B [38] Alpha Strike

Forces of Nature / Weapons of Spirit Part 2:

  1. H [37] Treant Muisek
  2. A [37] Forces of Nature: Faerie Dragons / H [37] Faerie Dragon Muisek
  3. A [37] Forces of Nature: Mountain Giants / H [37] Mountain Giant Muisek
  4. H [37] Weapons of Spirit
  5. B [39] Stinglasher, B [38] Zukk'ash Infestation
  6. B [39] Sasquatch Sighting
  7. A [39] It's Not "Ogre" Yet, H [39] The Hilltop Threat
  8. B [39] Taming The Tamers
  9. A [40] Spiteful Sisters, H [40] Twisted Sisters
  10. B [40] Ysondre's Call
  11. N [40] Taerar's Fall
  12. B [40] Ysondre's Farewell

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