For her background, see Vexiona.
Image of Vexiona
Gender Female
Race Twilight dragon (Dragonkin)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Ny'alotha, the Waking City
Status Killable

Vexiona is a twilight dragon located in Ny'alotha, the Waking City.

Adventure Journal

Obsessively wielding the power that N'Zoth has granted her, Vexiona has amassed a cult of worshippers who covet the gifts of the Void. From high atop her temple within the Black Empire, she transforms her most devout followers into unstoppable horrors.


Vexiona engages players on the ground while calling upon the Cult of the Void to assist her. Upon reaching 100 energy, she takes to the air and transforms one of her Cultists into a powerful Void Ascendant. She then assaults players with [Twilight Decimator] before returning to the ground. At 40% health, Vexiona unleashes the full extent of her power and must be defeated quickly before she overwhelms players with [Void Corruption].

  • Void Ascendants drop [Gift of the Void] when defeated. Pick up and use it to remove [Void Corruption].
  • Face [Twilight Breath] and [Annihilation] away from other players.
  • [Despair] inflicts damage to the raid based on your missing health when it expires.
  • Void Ascendants drop [Gift of the Void] when defeated, allowing [Annihilation] to be used on Cultists.
  • Help your tanks by damaging Cultists and using crowd control.
  • Move away from allies with [Encroaching Shadows].
  • Heal tanks affected by [Despair] to prevent heavy raid damage.
  • Players who are targeted by [Annihilation] or have high stacks of [Void Corruption] require significant healing.
  • Move away from allies with [Encroaching Shadows].



On approach
Vexiona says: Gather, servants of the Void. It is time to receive my gift.
MOTHER says: New anchor point detected.
Vexiona says: Those who are worthy shall be remade through its power!
MOTHER says: Recommendation: Terminate Void disruption.
Wrathion says: If Vexiona and her "dragonflight" wish to be cast into darkness, then let us help them on their way.
Vexiona yells: Wrathion! I look forward to reuniting you with your father!
Vexiona yells: How dare you defile this temple!
Vexiona yells: Your spirit shatters!
Vexiona yells: I will tear your soul to shreds!
Dark Gateway
Vexiona yells: Servants arise, your master calls!
Vexiona yells: Servants of the Void, come to me!
Vexiona yells: Servants arise, your master calls!
Gift of the Void
Vexiona yells: Worm! You are unworthy to hold such power!
Stage Two: Death From Above
Vexiona yells: My chosen, destroy this filth!
Vexiona yells: Faithful servant, show these unbelievers our true power!
Twilight Decimator
Vexiona yells: Burn beneath my shadow!
Vexiona yells: Succumb to darkness!
Cult of the Void
Vexiona yells: I shall rip you apart myself!
Stage Three: The Void Unleashed
Vexiona yells: Witness the full power of the Void!
Heart of Darkness
Vexiona yells: The Void surges!
Vexiona yells: The shadows gather!
Vexiona yells: Unravel before me!
Vexiona yells: Be unmade!
Vexiona yells: This... is not... my destiny...
Player Death
Vexiona yells: Cleansed!
Vexiona yells: Purged!


PTR adventure journal

Vexiona amassed a following of lost souls desperate for power with the promise of being reborn in N'Zoth's image. High atop her temple within the Black Empire she transforms her most loyal servants with the power of the Void, creating a devoted army of unstoppable horrors.

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