MobVian the Volatile
Image of Vian the Volatile
Race Mogu (Humanoid)
Level 101 Elite
Resource Mana
Location Brawler's Guild
Status Killable

Vian the Volatile is the second encounter at Rank 3 in the Brawler's Guild.

He is a juror during The Brawlpub Trial and The Brawl'gar Trial.


  • Ability mage moltenarmor.png  Volatile Armor — All damage and spell casting speed increased after touching a Volatile Flame. Aura on Vian.
  • Spell mage flameorb.png  Volatile Flames 100 yd range — Summons a volatile flame that moves around the arena, inflicting 100000 Fire damage to any player it touches. Volatile Flames will also increase Vian's damage and spell casting speed if he ever touches them. 1.5 sec cast. If he is hit, gains a stack of...
    • Ability mage fierypayback.png  Volatile Armor — All damage increased by 5%. Spell casting speed increased by 10%. Buff on Vian. Stacks to 99.
  • Spell fire volcano.png  Fire Line — Releases a Fire Line towards a random enemy. These Fire Lines deal 71250 to 78750 Fire damage to all enemies within 3 yards. In addition, the Fire Lines leave behind a persistent burning effect which deals 37000 to 43000 Fire damage to all nearby enemies. 3 sec cast. Uninterruptible.
  • Spell shaman lavaburst.png  Lava Burst 50 yd range — Blasts an enemy with lava, inflicting Fire damage. 2.5 sec cast. Interruptible. Hits for 23125-26875 Fire. (5 sec cooldown)


Vian summons a volatile orb in the center of the room and occasionally casts volatile flame at it, triggering a fire orb that will bounce off the walls for the rest of the encounter. Don't let him run in to one, as it'll buff his damage and casting speed.

His go-to ability is Lava Burst, which is straight-up damage. He also casts Fire Line, which will drop a line of fire from his position to roughly 30 yards out a few yards wide. Just move out of the way before he finishes the cast.

Vian will require slightly higher than 7,400 DPS to defeat him before the enrage timer.


<Announcer> yells: In the other corner, we have Vian, the flame-flinging follower of the Thunder King!
Vian the Volatile yells: This world will burn.
Vian the Volatile yells: Your spark of life is... extinguished.
Vian the Volatile yells: So cold...

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