Victory From Within

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NeutralVictory From Within
Start Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer
End Crusade Commander Eligor Dawnbringer
Level 42 (Requires 29)
Category Eastern Plaguelands
Experience 4800
Reputation +325 Argent Crusade
Rewards 55s
Previous N [42] To Take the Abbey
Next N [42] Befouled No More


Open the Argent Portals in the Library Wing and the Hall of Arms within the abbey in Tyr's Hand.


A few of our men didn't make it through portals which were supposed to open inside this very abbey. You've already proven your elusiveness and battlehardiness... now I need you to do so again.

The abbey has two wings: a library, and a hall of arms. In each wing, you should find a portal.

Use this keystone on these portals. Doing so should force them open, allowing our remaining shock troopers to take this abbey.


One hundred soldiers is few enough. Setbacks like this only decrease our chances of success.


The abbey will fall shortly. We can soon move on, deeper into Tyr's Hand.


You will receive 55s



Upon opening the portals, Argent Centurions will appear in the room for a brief time. They will not, however, aid you in any battles. The portal in the Hall of Arms is on the ground floor, while the one in the library is in a back room on the upper level.


  1. N [42] The Brotherhood of Light
  2. N [42] Soft Landing
  3. Two sets of quests, in any order:
    The Barracks
    1. N [42] To Take the Barracks
    2. In any order:
    3. N [42] Argent Upheaval
    The Abbey
    1. N [42] To Take the Abbey
    2. In any order:
    3. N [42] Befouled No More
  4. N [43] Like Rats

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