Vigilant Quoram

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NeutralVigilant Quoram
Image of Vigilant Quoram
Race Vigilant (Humanoid)
Level 45 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Conservatory of the Arcane, Mac'Aree (formerly); Vindicaar in orbit over Azeroth (currently)

Vigilant Quoram is an eredar vigilant on Argus and the gatekeeper of the Conservatory of the Arcane. Later, he can be found aboard the Vindicaar after the Lightforged draenei join the Alliance.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Encountered at the Conservatory of the Arcane in search of the Sigil of Awakening,[1] Vigilant Quoram was found turned off, inactive for a long while, perhaps as long as Mac'Aree had floated above Argus.[2] Archmage Y'mera and an order champion managed to jolt the gatekeeper awake with magic.[3]

Upon coming to life, the Vigilant told "Exile" Y'mera that Conservatory resources were not available to one of her status. Having never liked Quoram's smug superiority and knowing she would not get any where with him, she asked the order champion to do the talking instead. When asked about the Sigil, Vigilant Quoram explained that the Sigil was the Conservatory's highest honor. Only Archimonde's chosen could pursue this accolade. He was also obligated to inform them that the master created trials specifically for this purpose, but also that he was required to allow the uninitiated to participate.[2]

At the opposite end of the Conservatory, explained Quoram, they would find a large structure. Once inside, their goal for the Trial of Tenacity would be to overcome all the obstacles placed before them. Emerging unscathed would force the gatekeeper to consider their will strong enough to proceed.[4]

The path to Quoram's left would take them to a set of three statues, that they would use by solving a puzzle to collect a Mark of Cunning for the Trial of Cunning. If they, by some miracle, happened to succeed, Quoram would formally recognize their "brilliance".[5]

Quoram also told the champion to find what remained of Archimonde's greatest pupils for the Trial of Mastery. These three once held such power in their own disciplines that the Conservatory remembered them still. Their echoes would try to kill them, besting all three with all their limbs intact and Quoram would recognize their strength.[6]

After passing the three trials, Quoram told the champion that their deeds did qualify them to seek the Sigil. The greatest of their challenges lied ahead still: going to the Praetorium and facing Archimonde himself. Only by defeating the master of the Conservatory would one be worthy of the Sigil. Few had ever overcome this obstacle however, noted Quoram.[7]

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

After the Legion's defeat at Antorus, Quoram relocated to the Vindicaar above Azeroth, apparently being given a "new prime directive" related to the Lightforged draenei and the Army of the Light after watching over the Conservatory was no longer deemed an effective use of the vigilant's time.



If it interests you to know, I was once the keeper of the Conservatory's keys, custodian to all of its locks and gates.

To halt the ravages of time, I placed my soul inside this construct. And so it is that I watch over the Conservatory for all eternity.

It will forever be my burden to deal with the likes of you.

  • State your purpose.
  • I am obligated to serve.
  • I am required to provide a greeting.
  • Rules are rules.
  • Protocol dictates that I bid you farewell.
  • That gave me no pleasure either.

I suppse[sic] you are wondering what I am doing here.

Suffice it to say that I have been given a new prime directive. Apparently standing watch over the Conservatory was not an efficient use of my time.

<Sigh> Tenure no longer means what it once did.

Do you require something? As you can see, I am quite busy.

Gossip Hello, Vigilant Quoram. We met before on Argus.
Why have you returned?
Gossip I passed my trial!
Gossip What do you know about becoming Lightforged?
I imagine it is quite painful.
Gossip Do you plan on staying with the draenei?
For now.
Gossip How do you like being on the Vindicaar?
Gossip Can you teleport me back up to the bridge?
I am afraid I cannot allow that.

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