A vignette is a term that Blizzard uses to refer to rare mobs found all over Draenor. On Wowpedia, the term is extended to include the one-time treasure chests and the "endless events" on Timeless Isle. Level-up rare and rare-elite creatures will show up as a rare mob (with the silver dragon) until they have been looted, and then appear to the player as a normal mob with no loot after that. Level-up vignette-style treasures may be looted once per character for treasure and [Garrison Resources].

Max-level rares and rare-elites can be killed for a once-daily chance at loot. A few zones (mostly Gorgrond) have some exceptions to the normal vignette loadout, such as treasure nodes that can only be looted by characters who chose one of two buildings at their Garrison outpost, or some achievement-tracked elites that award trophies of glory.

For a full listing of vignettes, see the individual zone vignette categories, but here is a listing of vignette maps:


Timeless Isle


Frostfire Ridge

Shadowmoon Valley


Map key
Icon Meaning
Rare mob Traditional one-time kill rare mob
Rare elite mob Achievement-tracked Elite mob, drops quest-starting item
Treasure Open traditional one-time treasure


Spires of Arak