AllianceVile Touch
Start Tarindrella
End Tarindrella
Level 1-10 (Requires 1)
Category Shadowglen
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Rewards Money, XP;
 [Draped Cloak],
 [Blackened Leather Belt], or
 [Web Covered Mail Belt]
Previous A [1-10] Webwood Corruption
Next A [1-10] Signs of Things to Come


Kill Githyiss the Vile at the northen[sic] end of the Shadowthread Cave.


If these spiders are born with corruption in their veins, then their broodmother must be at the root of this evil.

Let us make our way to the far north end of the cave and seek out Githyiss the Vile. The answers we seek lie with her.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc cape 11.png [Draped Cloak] Inv belt 03.png [Blackened Leather Belt]
Inv belt 03.png [Web Covered Mail Belt]

You will also receive:


I adore these forests. I want to see the corruption purged from them completely. When next I return, I want to do so with a lighter heart.


Githyiss and her brood were being corrupted by this totem. This is a furbolg totem.

This is very troubling indeed. This means the Gnarlpine are still a danger to these forests. We let our guard down too soon.


Githyiss the Vile slain
Tarindrella approaches the nearby Gnarlpine Corruption Totem.
Tarindrella says: This totem has been corrupting the eggs! It seems a greater threat looms. The Gnarlpine remain tainted by something most foul.


  1. A [1-10] The Balance of Nature
  2. A [1-10] Fel Moss Corruption & A [1-10] Demonic Thieves
  3. A [1-10] Priestess of the Moon
  4. A [1-10] Iverron's Antidote
  5. A [1-10] The Woodland Protector
  6. A [1-10] Webwood Corruption
  7. A [1-10] Vile Touch
  8. A [1-10] Signs of Things to Come
  9. A [1-10] Teldrassil: Crown of Azeroth
  10. A [1-10] Precious Waters
  11. A [1-10] Teldrassil: Passing Awareness
    Side quest: A [1-30] Dolanaar Delivery

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