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AllianceVindicator Aesom
Image of Vindicator Aesom
Title <Triumvirate of the Hand>
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 1-30 Elite
Class Paladin
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Hand of Argus (Triumvirate of the Hand), Exodar, Knights of the Silver Hand, Alliance
Occupation Third of the Triumvirate of the Hand, Vindicator of the Hand of Argus
Location Blood Watch, Bloodmyst Isle; Sanctum of Light
Status Alive
Vindicator Aesom

Aesom at Blood Watch.

Vindicator Aesom is a draenei vindicator and a member of the Triumvirate of the Hand, the leaders of the Hand of Argus. He is initially found as a paladin trainer at Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle, and acts as a member of the Order of the Silver Hand in the Sanctum of Light.


The Burning Crusade[]

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Vindicator Aesom is present at Blood Watch in Bloodmyst Isle from where he coordinates the troops of the Hand of Argus, with the other members of the Triumvirate of the Hand, to defeat Kael'thas's blood elves Sunfury who followed them to Azeroth,[1] but also to find and destroy the Sun Gate which serves as a supply line for the blood elves,[2] and is responsible for the appearance of Void Critter, who have a chance to grow into void anomalies if they are not destroyed.[3]

With the help of a draenei adventurer, Aesom investigated the contamination of the region's waters after their shaman claims that the elements of water have become greatly agitated. As he suspected, the leaking core fluid flowing from the Exodar's power core was responsible for the water contamination.[4]

After the discovery of the Sun Gate by his reconnaissance team, Aesom announced that victory was near and ordered the execution of many of the Sunhawks, then ordered the destruction of the Sun Gate stabilized by portal controllers.[5]

When Aesom learned of the existence of Sironas and her Sunhawks, and their goal of making O'ros a slave while recapturing the Exodar, he ordered the adventurer to join the Exarch Admetius to hear his plan.[6]

Following the plan of Velen, with the Sun Gate who has been destroyed, and Sironas and her Sunhawks were defeated; the Hand of Argus consequently prevented Prince Kael'thas from invading Kalimdor and corrupting the draenei into demons.[7]

Prophet's Lesson[]

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As a member of the Triumvirate of the Hand, Boros is present during the meeting of the Hand of Argus to discuss their people's future on Azeroth in light of the Exodar's repair. With the Triumvirate, he agreed on the decision that, unless Velen ordered otherwise, within a week the Exodar would take flight for old Draenor to rebuild their second home on Outland and assist the Lost Ones remaining behind. He is the one who announces to Maraad that the Prophet does not know anything about this decision because he has isolated himself from everyone.

He is present when Velen himself emerged to quell the unrest between the Vindicators and the Alliance refugees, and announced the decision that the draenei and the Exodar would remain in Azeroth to combat the incoming threat with their allies of the Alliance.[8]


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After the disaster at the Broken Shore and the death of Tirion Fordring, Vindicator Aesom convenes with the leaders of Azeroth's other paladin orders in Dalaran. He later joined the Order of the Silver Hand and their new leader at the Sanctum of Light.


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I am Aesom, third of the Triumvirate.


<Vindicator Aesom salutes you.>

Have you spoken with Admetius? I believe he was inquiring as to your whereabouts.


  • He is third of the Triumvirate.
  • His name is similar to the English word "awesome". It could be speculated that this is not a coincidence.

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