Vindicator Dalu

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NeutralVindicator Dalu
Image of Vindicator Dalu
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Level 20-40
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Auchenai Precipice, Talador
Status Deceased

Vindicator Dalu is a draenei ghost located at Auchenai Precipice in Talador.


  • Final Verdict
  • Hammer of Justice
  • Vindicator's Fury

Objective of


On approach
Vindicator Dalu says: We have been called upon to protect Auchindoun from further interference.
Soulbinder Halaari says: Only those who prove their souls to us may enter.

There is only one way you may prove your worth to me stranger.


Gatekeepers of Auchindoun

Gossip Very well. Let us fight.

Let us begin.
35% HP
The gateway shall remain sealed!
You have proven yourself to me.

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