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AllianceVindicator Maraad
Image of Vindicator Maraad
Title Hammer of the Light[1]
Gender Male
Race Draenei (Humanoid)
Class Paladin
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Exodar, Hand of Argus, Valiance Expedition, Alliance
Former affiliation(s) New Council of Tirisfal
Occupation Vindicator of the Hand of Argus, Member of the Valiance Expedition[2]
Former occupation(s) Paladin representative on the New Council of Tirisfal
Location Buried in Auchindoun on the alternate Draenor; Various
Status Deceased[3][4]
Relative(s) Leran (sister), Garona (niece), Med'an (grandnephew)

“The Light may have infinite patience, but I do not.”

— Maraad[1]

Maraad was a draenei vindicator who fought in many wars for his people against the Burning Legion. When the draenei came under attack by the orcs on Draenor, Maraad failed to protect his people as he became overcome by vengeance, a mistake that has haunted him since that day. After the draenei barely survived the orcs' attempt to exterminate them, they managed to flee and ended up on Azeroth.[1] He became a wandering warrior of faith thereafter. His sister was the mother to the assassin Garona Halforcen, whom Maraad continued to search for.

After triumphing against evil in the Northrend campaign, Maraad began instructing other races of the Alliance in the ways of the Light. His time facing the countless dangers of Azeroth left him prone to action above meditation, choosing to attack while others delayed.[5] Maraad played a significant role in the campaign on alternate Draenor against the Iron Horde, seeking redemption for his past failures by preventing the atrocities of his tragic past from happening again.[6] He was eventually killed by Blackhand during the Battle for Shattrath while protecting Yrel with the last of his power.


A resolute soldier, Vindicator Maraad fought in many wars. He defended the draenei as they evaded the demonic army of the Burning Legion across countless worlds. As a paladin of the Holy Light, Maraad epitomized the strong arm of righteousness. His weapon, the Hammer of the Naaru, meted out punishment to anyone who threatened his kind. He vowed to protect the innocent.[1]


Chronicle2 - Leran and Maraad

Maraad mourning the death of his sister.

While living on Draenor prior to it becoming Outland, Maraad spent much time in Shadowmoon Valley, especially around the area of Elodor.[7] He was also knowledgeable of the potential dangers of Gorgrond's primordial jungle.[8]

Maraad was a member of the Vindicators and one of the greatest followers of Akama. He and Nobundo participated in the fights against ogres that were marching on Shattrath City. They found and killed Hok'lon and his generals, leaving the ogre forces in disarray. Rather than slaughter their foes, the draenei then immediately returned to Shattrath.[9]

Some time after the Orcish Horde was formed, his sister Leran was captured by orcs of the Bladewind clan. Draenei scouts reported the Bladewind sacrificing their prisoners in gruesome rituals to appease the elements and Maraad urged the draenei to save the prisoners, his sister included. He led the assault on the Bladewind, but by the time they arrived, Leran and the others were dead. The sight of his sister's body sent Maraad into a rage and he rampaged through the village.[10] Unbeknownst to Maraad at the time, Leran had given birth to a daughter, his niece Garona, before her death.[2]

Maraad was at the siege of Shattrath, the battle where the orcs destroyed the draenei capital. When Exarch Larohir[11] told Maraad to take refugees to safety, he did so. However, the sight of an orc within reach convinced Maraad to go after him instead. He told the refugees to take a path out of the city, assuring them that it was safe and that the Light was with them. Maraad managed to slay the orc, breaking his weapon in his rage, but when he went to return to the refugees he discovered that the passage had not been safe, and they were all dead—slaughtered by the Horde. He has sought vengeance against the orcs ever since.[12]

At some point, Maraad used to meet with the Triumvirate of the Hand and sit in council with the draenei leadership.[13]

The Burning Crusade[]

Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Maraad was confirmed during BlizzCon 2013 to be the draenei seen in the Burning Crusade cinematic.

World of Warcraft: The Comic[]

Comics title This section concerns content related to the Warcraft manga or comics.

Vindicator Maraad on the cover of Whispers, the 22nd issue of the comic.

Maraad never abandoned his sister's memory. He discovered the existence of his niece - the assassin Garona Halforcen - and began his search for her that lasted years.[2][14] During his search, Maraad eventually met and befriended Khadgar, likely before the Dark Portal was reopened. Meeting Khadgar allowed him to fill in his knowledge of what happened to Garona after she left Draenor through the Dark Portal and up until the end of the Second War. Led by a vision, he traveled to Kalimdor.[15]

Maraad secretly rescued Garona from Theramore, and at the entrance of Onyxia's Lair revealed that he is Garona's uncle and therefore Med'an's great uncle. He explained to her that Gul'dan had bred his sister to one of his warriors (which, considering orcish/draenei relations at the time, implies rape), which resulted in Garona's birth. Garona resolved to go and kill Cho'gall and left him while Valeera Sanguinar started battling with the draenei. They were stopped by Med'an who teleported them back to Theramore. He has now become a founding member of the New Council of Tirisfal and began to teach Med'an the ways of the Light. He helped to defend Theramore against Cho'gall's dark minions and decided to take Med'an to Outland to be beyond the reach of the Old Gods. When he introduced Med'an to Khadgar, the paladin and mage greeted each other as old friends. Maraad asked Khadgar to join the new Council of Tirisfal but refused and in his stead sent Dalynnia Wrathscar. After they returned, they joined the final attack on Cho'gall granting his power to Med'an. He was last seen at the funeral of Aegwynn and took Med'an to further his training.[16]

Wrath of the Lich King[]

Wrath-Logo-Small This section concerns content related to Wrath of the Lich King.

Maraad was stationed aboard the Skybreaker which is flying above Icecrown and served as a Vindicator in the Valiance Expedition.

Prophet's Lesson[]

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Coming home from his tour of duty in Northrend, Vindicator Maraad was surprised to learn both that human refugees from the Cataclysm were camped outside the Exodar, and that Velen had refused to meet with anyone in weeks. When it was revealed in a meeting with the Triumvirate of the Hand that the Exodar was nearly repaired, Maraad decided that if Velen would not lead them, then it was up to them to decide what to do: take the fight to the Legion, return to Outland, or stay on Azeroth. It was agreed that if Velen did not speak to them within the week, then they would leave Azeroth.

When the refugees began rioting and seriously injured Vindicator Romnar, Maraad and the other vindicators were forced to use deadly force to defend themselves. When Velen appeared to stop the battle, Maraad told him about their ultimatum. Velen told them that war was everywhere, and they were needed on Azeroth. Deeply moved, Maraad went to heal the refugees with the other draenei.[13] Dedicated to the draenei and under the will of his Prophet, he remained in the Exodar until the events of Pandaria's invasion.[2]

The Untamed Valley[]

The Untamed Valley

Maraad in the short story The Untamed Valley.

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Shortly after the Siege of Orgrimmar, Maraad and Sentinel Commander Lyalia teamed up in Pandaria where they were hired by the Shado-Pan to transport an orc war criminal called Mashok across the continent to Lion's Landing. Their journey would eventually lead them to camp on Haohan Mudclaw's field. Noticing them, the virmen came out of their tunnel and offered them axles for carrots. Maraad refused for he had none. At that moment, the virmen started attacking. Luckily for them Haohan Mudclaw and Mung-Mung came to their rescue. After accepting to stay at Haohan's house, the three moved into the cellar for the night. Sometime after, the dark shamans tracked them down and came to rescue their leader Mashok. A group of Hellscream's loyalists caught up with them, but Maraad and Lyalia received aid from several members of the Tillers (including Farmer Fung, Old Hillpaw, Gina Mudclaw, Mung-Mung and Haohan Mudclaw himself). To keep the prisoner secure, Maraad took the orc back down in the cellar and closed the doors behind him. The two entered in a deadly struggle, with Maraad trying to keep the orc from moving. Upstairs, the last living shaman Zertin was able to trick the farmers and distracted Maraad long enough for Mashok to grab a hold of the elements. The paladin ran outside to warn the others of the prisoner's escape but to no avail. Mashok rooted everyone who opposed him, promising them that their land will burn. It all looked lost until Farmer Fung asked him if carrots will grow, to which he replied no. Then out of nowhere, the virmen all rose up from the ground and came to the conclusion that if the farmers die, there'd be no more carrots. The Vindicator asked Haohan Mudclaw to spare him and he agreed. In the morning, he healed everyone and is later seen on Haohan's cart taking the prisoner to his final destination, Lion's Landing.[17]

Lords of War[]

When the Iron Horde began its march on Azeroth, Maraad met with King Varian Wrynn, who was not certain he could defeat what was essentially the same threat that killed his father and destroyed the kingdom of Stormwind many years prior. Maraad urged Varian to sign the declaration of war on the Iron Horde, but Varian was lost in doubt. Maraad told Varian that he had faced the warlords before, and that they were not invincible. He proceeded to tell the king about the histories of several warlords: Kargath Bladefist, Grommash Hellscream and Kilrogg Deadeye. He also told him of an opposing view to the others; Thrall's father, Durotan.

In the end, Maraad told Varian about the battle of Shattrath in which he participated and how he failed the refugees he had to protect. Varian, convinced, signed the declaration and Maraad was the first to answer the call to war in order to prevent the atrocities he had witnessed from happening again.[12]

The Iron Tide[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.
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Maraad by Eric Braddock


When the Dark Portal turned red, Maraad helped to stop the Ironmarch invasion of the Blasted Lands and was located at the Shattered Beachhead along with the Alliance army. He sent adventurers to eliminate the Iron Horde numbers and their machinery. Later on, he moved behind enemy lines with Commander Vines, Enohar Thunderbrew and a small Alliance army. They began pushing the Iron Horde in the ruins of Nethergarde back; and he also had the new ruler of the Dreadmaul ogres — who had allied with the Iron Horde — killed. He ultimately assisted the adventurers in killing one of the Ironmarch's leaders — Gar'mak Bladetwist — who was holed up in Okril'lon Hold. Afterward, he sent a report to King Wrynn while he stayed there and continued the war effort.

Warlords of Draenor[]

Warlords of Draenor This section concerns content related to Warlords of Draenor.

Maraad agreed to help lead the forces of the noble Alliance as they stood against the impending invasion. Now, Maraad has a chance to come to terms with the tragedy of his past. He intends to fulfill his vow, not only to save the innocent, but also to execute vengeance on everyone who caused him and his people so much heartache.[1]

Assault on the Dark Portal[]

During the Assault on the Dark Portal, Maraad was a part of the unified Alliance and Horde squad tasked with destroying the Dark Portal in Tanaan Jungle. He and Thrall were the first to enter the alternate Draenor. When the adventurers were shutting down the Portal, he defended the group with the force of the Light. Once the Portal was deactivated, he accompanied the archmage and his group through the orc camps in the eastern part of Tanaan. Once the group left the Umbral Halls, he armed the freed draenei and went to fight the Blackrock orcs and eventually the rest of the Iron Horde under the Worldbreaker. When the Dark Portal was destroyed, Maraad, Yrel and the freed draenei left Tanaan on the Iron Horde's ships.

Shadowmoon Valley[]

Maraad Lunarfall

Maraad in Shadowmoon Valley.

Once they arrived to Shadowmoon Valley, they were greeted by Prophet Velen who took them to the place called Lunarfall. Maraad said that before they entered Draenor, King Varian suggested that the adventurer should lead the campaign on the savage world. Now, Maraad acknowledged Varian's words and the adventurer as the commander. Once the base of Alliance Garrison was established, he directed the commander to a nearby threat of the pale orcs on the north where Qiana Moonshadow happened to be. When the two returned, Maraad suggested that Qiana becomes the first follower in the Garrison. When the Garrison was established, Maraad made an arrangement with Akama to supply laborers for the harvest at Elodor's fields in exchange for food supplies. Both of them escorted Alliance workers to the area, but his wagon got left behind in the woods. When Akama and the commander found him, he explained that they were attacked by the Shadowmoon clan. Akama stayed to fend off the attackers while the laborers were escorted to Elodor, where Akama caught up.

As Akama believed that the orcs would not be foolish enough to attack fortified cities, Maraad explained that the orcish threat was not to be taken lightly and asked to speak with the Exarch Council. Exarch Othaar agreed with hearing the Alliance's plea concerning the Iron Horde but the meeting needed all the members. Naielle and Hataaru were found and brought by the commander while Exarch Maladaar and Akama were brought by Maraad. However, as soon as they got together, Hataaru was killed and a traitor was among them. Maraad stayed by them until the betrayal of Exarch Othaar was revealed and the draenei promised to help the Alliance.

Afterwards, the vindicator started dealing with the attack on the Shadowmoon clan. He apparently battled Ner'zhul who gravely wounded him.[18] Shortly before the attack on Karabor, he went to Embaari Village, where he met with Yrel and Velen who went to confront Ner'zhul. After Velen's purified Ner'zhul's Dark Star back into naaru K'ara and his subsequent death, the Iron Horde attacked Karabor and destroyed its defense crystal. Maraad flew to Yrel and told her about the attack and suggested to flee but she was eager to defend the temple. Vindicator thus suggested the commander to use the troops of the Garrison while they will lead them from above. Riding the fey dragons, they fend off the orcs, and eventually Karabor was secured. Victorious, Yrel and Maraad returned to Embaari and announced success.

Four days after arrival onsite, Maraad visited Admiral Taylor's Garrison and suggested that Taylor send laborers to Elodor to acquire food. Taylor turned him down.[19] Maraad was also in contact with Wrynn's Vanguard forces on Ashran.[20]


Later he and Yrel agreed to sent an expedition to Gorgrond in order to gain its secret that could be used against the Iron Horde. He becomes gradually driven by anger and vengeance as the campaign progresses through Gorgrond. With Thaelin Darkanvil they established an outpost - Highpass. From there Maraad sent Rangari Erdanii to deal with the threat of the Breakers on the north. Not long after, he sent the commander to assist her. Erdanii told the commander that she sees a danger fire in Maraad's eyes. Erdanii was successful in her mission and with the help of Draenor she retrieved the artifact Heart of Magnaron. In the meantime, Yrel and her group of Rangari managed to get Inv misc platnumdisks [Will of the Genesaur] and both were sent to Maraad. When the artifacts were secured, the vindicator sent the Alliance and their allies to the north in order to attack a camp near the Iron Dock, which was a successful attempt. The commander on his journey stumbled upon savage beasts which he killed. Their trophies were brought to Maraad.


Blackhand Raneman

Maraad facing Blackhand.

Some time later ships of the Iron Horde arrived to Talador. Agent Bodrick Grey sent Maraad a message and the vindicator sent the commander back to Garrison. From there the commander was sent to an Alliance camp stationed by Yrel, Maraad, and Thaelin. Maraad was distrustful of Thaelin's inventions but those spotted an army led by Orgrim Doomhammer. The vindicator said that draenei should have wiped the orcs when they landed on Draenor. On his orders were the numbers of orcs reduced and he had their cannon, Dreadpiston, destroyed. When the orcish army in Tuurem was annihilated, Maraad joined Khadgar before Shattrath and began planning their counter-attack. Maraad claimed that nothing will stop him from saving Shattrath. Soon after the attack began, Maraad was among the defenders. In the harbor he joined the attack on Warlord Blackhand who eventually mortally wounded him. He ultimately meets his demise, defending Yrel with the last remnants of his powers and with the words "In the light, we are one". Maraad died saving the city he failed to save before. His body was eventually teleported by Khadgar back on the ground.

While she had been using a mace and shield as a new paladin, Yrel took up Maraad's Hammer as her own from then on.

Trial of Faith[]

Maraad was cremated and his ashes were put into Auchindoun. He is ultimately seen as a ghost in Auchindoun while Yrel undertakes her trials for the Exarch Council. She battles against him and when he is defeated he acknowledges that she is ready and bids her farewell.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Icecrown 80 17,096
Blasted Lands 93 1,210,200
Tanaan Jungle 90 - 100 7,035,601
Shadowmoon Valley 90 - 100 29,809 - 70,012
Gorgrond 95 - 102 7,443,800
Talador 94 - 100 26,581 - 391,416
B [20-40] The Battle for Shattrath 97 685,400
Spirit of Maraad 100 59,616


During pre-event
In Tanaan Jungle
In Shadowmoon Valley
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the beta stages.
In Gorgrond
Removed from game The subject of this section did not make it out of the alpha stages.
In Talador


  • "The land is a barren waste, devoid of redeeming features. Its residents are even worse."[21]
  • "When I remember our beautiful city with its glimmering spires, my heart aches."[22]

Lords of War[]

Lords of War - Maraad

Maraad, speaking to Varian.

"What you cannot see... is the burden that I carry each day. I was there, during the assault on Shattrath City. Our beloved dwelling of light, under siege by a relentless army of demon corrupted orcs. I witnessed countless acts of brutality, unspeakable horrors from the top of the wall. I did as I was commanded, I gathered the refugees, led them away from battle. And then... I saw... him. It was my charge to see the refugees to safety, yet the horrors I have witnessed... the suffering. Despite all my vows, vengeance burned in my heart... I would avenge the countless draenei that perished... I struck out to find the refugees... My heart fell. The path had not been safe. The Light that I promised would be with them... had forsaken them instead, just as I had... I know I may not return, but if there is even the barest chance of preventing the atrocities that I witnessed from happening again, then I offer myself... gladly." (To Varian Wrynn, recollecting the events of the original Battle of Shattrath)

World of Warcraft[]

  • "Come, speak with me."
  • "What news from the front?"
  • "How goes the fight?"
  • "Where do we stand?"
  • "Let us speak."
  • "Never again."
  • "Our enemies must fall."
  • "We must not fail."
  • "Walk with the light."
  • "This is war!"

Shattered Beachhead[]


Azeroth has been invaded by a vicious enemy that seems bent on world domination.

We must act quickly if we are to put a stop to the chaos that is unfolding around us.


  • Khadgar's magic is strong indeed. He managed to open a permanent portal directly to Stormwind.
  • Everything is going according to plan, commander. How may I help you?
  • How can I be of service, commander?

Embaari Village[]

A [10-40] The Dark Side of the Moon

Now it is time to drive them out of Shadowmoon once and for all.


The Iron Horde is a plague upon this land!


I will stop at noting to prevent Shattrath from falling again. Show these orcs no mercy.


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Notes and trivia[]

Maraad card back

A card back themed after Maraad in Hearthstone.

  • Maraad is remembered by the Silver Hand and his statue is located in the Sanctum of Light. His plaque says: He always sought to protect those who could not protect themselves. Maraad made the ultimate sacrifice in Draenor to save one of our own.
  • The small crack on Maraad's hammer was made during Shattrath's fall when battling against the orc he chose to kill instead of escorting the refugees.
  • Having been ordered to lead away the last refugees of Shattrath by Larohir at a critical moment, Maraad avoided the red mist that was unleashed by the orcs later on during the assault, which eventually transformed Nobundo, Akama and other draenei that survived the battle into the Broken.[23]
  • He is the author of Inv relics libramoftruth [Light in the Darkness].
  • He had an elekk mount.[24]
  • In early builds of the Warlords of Draenor alpha, Maraad and Yrel were in a romantic relationship.
  • Maraad is voiced by Crispin Freeman.[25][26]
  • At the Battle for Shattrath, Maraad saved Yrel using the Paladin spell Spell nature timestop [Divine Intervention], which was removed from the game many years before Warlords of Draenor.
  • Maraad is one of four famous paladins mentioned in the Ability paladin empoweredseals [Empowered Seals] spell. If a paladin uses Spell holy sealofvengeance [Seal of Truth], Maraad's Truth will be the name of their judgement's proc effect.
  • Maraad was originally conceived as a deluxe action figure designed for DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft: Series 2 action figure set. He was named by Chris Metzen.[27] He then made an appearance in Wrath of the Lich King, before being properly introduced in The Comic, and being retroactively said to have been the draenei from the Burning Crusade cinematic.
  • In Hearthstone, the Maraad card back was rewarded for achieving Rank 20 in Ranked Season 10, which took place during January 2015. The flavor text reads: "Vindicator Maraad was a paladin of great courage and strength. Don’t let the pretty pastel tones fool you."



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