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Gender Male
Race Draenei
Class Paladin
Affiliation(s) Triumvirate of the Hand
Occupation Vindicator
Status Deceased
Student(s) Vindicator Kuros

Vindicator Saruan was a draenei vindicator and a member of the Triumvirate of the Hand in Blood Watch of Bloodmyst Isle. He was the master, teacher and mentor of Vindicator Kuros, who took Saruan's place in the Triumvirate after the vindicator vanished and the search for him was abandoned.[1]

During a patrol, Saruan was captured by the Sunhawk blood elves and subjected to harsh torture at the hands of Matis the Cruel. Matis beat the vindicator repeatedly until he lost consciousness, at which point the elf attempted to wake him by splashing contagion laced water across his ravaged body, but Saruan did not wake. Saruan's fellow captive Galaen, who witnessed the torture and was killed by the elves shortly afterwards, wrote in his journal that Matis seemed visibly concerned that Saruan had perished in the beatings; apparently, Matis' superior, the eredar Sironas, had special plans for the vindicator and would "flay the flesh from [Matis'] bones" if he killed the draenei.[2]

When Matis was later captured by the draenei of Blood Watch, he claimed that Saruan had wept like a babe as he was beaten, and that were it not for Sironas' plans for the draenei, Matis would have tortured him to death the same way he did to all draenei he captured. Before being killed by Vindicator Kuros, the blood elf mentioned that he was certain the draenei would see Saruan again soon.[3] Later, a draenei adventurer magically disguised as a blood elf interrogated a captured Sunhawk agent held in a cage at Blood Watch. The agent claimed that Sironas had transformed a high-ranking member of the Triumvirate into a man'ari abomination, described as "massive, powerful, and full of rage". The agent further claimed that any attacks against the Vector Coil would most certainly fail as long as the abomination was present, and that Sironas and her creation would clean up whatever the Sunhawk forces left behind of the draenei.[4] However, the abomination never made an appearance.


  • Contrary to the lies of Matis the Cruel, Saruan remained steadfast until his departure from the Light.[5]