Violet Stand.

The Violet Stand is a Kirin Tor outpost located within night elf ruins. Corpses of blue dragonspawn, presumably from the nearby Azure Front, litter the ruins. There are also burnt holes here, presumably from battle. Violet Stand is located just to the northwest of the Azure Front in southwest Crystalsong Forest. To the north is the Great Tree and the Decrepit Flow coming from Icecrown.

It has a Teleport to Violet Stand Crystal from Teleport to Dalaran Crystal.


Violet Stand Digsite

Crystalsong Forest

Violet Stand Digsite @ 15,43

The Violet Stand is a night elf archaeology dig site.


While walking to the Violet Stand it is simple, there is no direct path to or from the road. The Twilight Rivulet must be waded through, and there is not even a distinct gate to the walled ruins, only gaps due to erosion and time. Originally, the teleport crystal was at the end of the road itself.

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