A view of Vir'naal Lake.

Vir'naal Lake is the largest source of water in Uldum, created when the tol'vir built the Vir'naal Dam so long ago. The city of Ramkahen is located on the northern border, while the small harbor town Mar'at is located on the western side. The date farm on Tahret Grounds is on the eastern side.

Sea serpents have invaded the waters soon after the barrier fell around Uldum[1] and lay eggs for future generations of them to spawn forth and further cloud the river[2]. High Priest Amet believes the corruption is being created by the Dark Ritualist Zakahn and that the main source of the problem with him gone is Scalemother Hevna located where the river begins at the northern most part of the Vir'naal Oasis.[3]

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