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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
Visage Day

Illustration of Chronormu's gnome and dragon form.

Visage Day 2

Illustration of Chromie.

"Visage Day" is a short story by Steve Danuser first published in the anthology Folk & Fairy Tales of Azeroth. Since September 20, 2022, it is also available for free on the official site.[1] Illustrated by Lindsey Burcar, the story focuses on the bronze dragon Chronormu's preparations and indecision for the titular Visage Day, a ceremony in which dragons decide what their mortal form will be.


The story opens with Chronormu waking up in his roost above the Dragonblight, less than a fortnight before his Visage Day. His friend Zidormi seeks him out to ask what form he will be choosing, but Chronormu despairs as he has not been able to make up his mind, saying that he doesn't know how he wants others to see him when he's not even sure how he sees himself. Zidormi advises him to seek Nozdormu's counsel.

At the Bronze Dragonshrine, Chronormu tries to convince Nozdormu to reveal what visage the future Chronormu will choose. Instead, the Bronze Aspect states that just as the dragons' mortal forms allow them to see the world as the young races do, it informs how the young races perceive the dragons. Since this choice is deeply personal, he will not say anything that might sway Chronormu's decision, but instead advises him to seek out other dragons—friends or otherwise—to learn how they made their choices.

First, Chronormu travels to the Nexus to speak with Kalecgos, who surprises the bronze by revealing that his visage is that of a humble half-elf. He explains that while many dragons choose elaborate forms, he wanted to instead be approachable and walk among mortals as a friend and equal. When Chronormu asks about Kalecgos' blue hair, he replies "It suits me". Before the bronze leaves, Kalecgos gives him two suggestions: thinking about coming up with a nickname to use in his mortal form, and seeking out the advice of a dragon with a different perspective on interacting with mortals.

Acting on Kalec's second suggestion, Chronormu asks for an audience with Onyxia in the Obsidian Dragonshrine. Onyxia tells the bronze that dragons do not choose a visage to befriend mortals, but to control and manipulate them. She assumes her human form and continues that no visage will change a dragon's nature as a hunter and killer, and that their shapeshifting is a means to take what they want from mortals. She then offers to let him stay by her side and teach him all he needs to know to become the greatest member of his flight. The bronze flees from the cave, upset at Onyxia's words, but realizes that he now knows what he wants to be.

Chronormu's Visage Day arrives. Held at the summit of Wyrmrest Temple, the ceremony is attended by Zidormi, Nozdormu, Kalecgos, Onyxia, and many others, and is officiated by Alexstrasza herself. The nervous young bronze starts reciting a prepared speech but decides to forgo it and speak from his heart. He states that he long thought something was wrong with him since the choice of form seemed to come naturally to everyone else. He continues that the counsel from his fellow dragons has made him realize that a visage is not just about how they want the world to see them, but about how they see themselves, and that he wants to experience the world as the smallest and most optimistic of mortals working to create a brighter future. Chronormu recites the visage spell, transforms into a female gnome, and introduces herself as "Chromie". The other dragons cheer and welcome her choice. During the subsequent festivities, Kalec tells Chromie that he feels that she is the one who has taught them all a lesson. When he asks why she chose to become female, Chromie smiles and replies "It suits me". As she goes to bed later that night, she feels more whole and joyful than ever before.


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