• Visage of the First Wakener
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Use: Unlocks the Thal'kiel's Visage appearance for Skull of the Man'ari.
  • Classes: Warlock
  • "Among the most prominent phrenologists during this period were Thal'kiel and Archimonde. Thal'kiel in particular was noted for having the archetypal sorcerer's skull, for which he was widely admired."

Visage of the First Wakener is the hidden artifact appearance for demonology warlocks.

To obtain the hidden appearance, you must first be at Artifact Knowledge Rank 4 or higher. You then need to farm eredar mobs in the Broken Isles or Argus for these heads, which will always drop in the following order:  [Damaged Eredar Head],  [Deformed Eredar Head],  [Malformed Eredar Head],  [Deficient Eredar Head], and  [Nearly Satisfactory Eredar Head].

Visage of the First Wakener will then have a chance to drop after you've looted the previous five heads.


This item is a world drop from eredar mobs in the Broken Isles.


First head
Thal'kiel says: You know, I've been rather missing having some skin on my bones. Maybe there's something we can do about that?
Second head
Thal'kiel says: No. Lower caste. Won't do at all.
Third head
Thal'kiel says: Not bad... not bad. Green eyes though? Mine were grey.
Fourth head
Thal'kiel says: No no no... wrong skin color entirely. That won't do.
Fifth head
Thal'kiel says: Ick, that head reminds me of an uppity apprentice I had. Get rid of it.
Final head
Thal'kiel says: That's it! That's the one! Give it to me immediately.

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