AllianceVoices Below
Start Brother Pike
End Brother Pike
Level 35-50
Category Stormsong Valley
Experience 8,230
Reputation +10 Storm's Wake
Rewards 11g 70s
Previous A [35-50] Storm's Judgment
Next A [35-50] Beneath the Veil, A [35-50] No Quarter, A [35-50] A Bloody Mess


Help Brother Pike investigate his omen.


The others forged ahead to Port Fogtide. I doubt they will receive a warm welcome.

We are to meet them there. However, there is something I must do first.

Despite Reid's retreat I still feel a terrible darkness nearby; I wish to listen to the tides for answers. I would appreciate your joining me in case more danger strays into our path.


You will receive:


We must help the others before they are overrun!


On accept:

Brother Pike says: There is a bridge nearby that has clear sight of the Shrine of the Storm. The omen comes from there.
Pike mounts up and heads northwest along the path.
Brother Pike says: Long has my order listened to the sea to guide our ships and our people. Gentle whispers, imperceptible to most.
Brother Pike says: Over time, the whispers... changed. At times they were demanding, even violent.
Brother Pike says: We attempted to guard ourselves against them, to resist them, but I fear we may have failed.
Pike stops just past the midpoint of the bridge and looks northeast at the Shrine.

Speak with him:

I can feel it strongly here. Something dark stirs.

Gossip What is it?

A cutscene plays:

On the ship in the bay, Lord Stormsong appears from below deck, flanked by k'thir and faceless ones.
Lord Stormsong says: Brother and sisters, behold our glorious destiny!

Back at the dock, Pike mounts up and keeps heading northeast into Tidecross:

Brother Pike says: Those... things... are k'thir. They come from the darkest reaches beneath the tides.
Brother Pike says: Most think them mere legend. Stories used to warn of the danger of peering too deep with our magic.
Brother Pike says: If they walk among us, the fleet is in gave danger.
Pike arrives at Tidecross and starts conjuring Rising Tide.
Brother Pike says: We stand with you. For the Storm's Wake!

On complete:

Samuel Williams says: Those bastards will pay for what they've done.
Samuel Williams yells: For Addington! For Stormsong Valley!
Taelia says: Sam, no!
Brother Pike says: Let him go, Taelia!


  1. A [35-50] Voices Below
  2. A [35-50] Beneath the Veil & A [35-50] No Quarter & A [35-50] A Bloody Mess
  3. A [35-50] Forbidden Rites & A [35-50] Gathering Storm & A [35-50] From the Maw of Madness
  4. A [35-50] Storm's Vengeance

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