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A voidstalker in Mac'Aree.

Voidstalkers are warp stalkers that have been corrupted by the Void, giving them a distinctive purple appearance. They can be found in the Void-corrupted areas of Mac'Aree on Argus and on the world of Telogrus Rift. Some Shadowguard ethereals and void elf rangers use them as pets.



As a companion pet

Voidstalker Runts can be captured in pet battles in Mac'Aree.

As a hunter pet

Main article: Warp stalker#As a hunter pet

Voidstalkers are tamable by hunters as part of the warp stalker family. Note that the Voidstalkers and Enthralled Voidstalkers in Mac'Aree are classed as aberrations and are therefore untamable.

Void elf hunters start with a voidstalker pet. Hunters from other races were unable to tame voidstalkers until the release of patch 8.3.0.