HordeVol'jin, Son of Sen'jin
Start Master Gadrin
End Princess Talanji
Level 50 (Requires 50)
Category The Shadow Hunter
Experience 17,850
Reputation +250 Zandalari Empire
+250 Darkspear Trolls
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [50] Honoring a True Leader
Next H [50D] Atal'Dazar: Ashes of a Warchief


Escort Vol'jin's Ashes to Atal'Dazar.

  • Vision of the Bargain witnessed
  • Vision of the Horde witnessed
  • Vision of the Warchief witnessed


Even in da Echo Isles we have heard of da traditions of da Golden Road.

We must walk in da presence of royalty and hail da accomplishments of Vol'jin so dat his spirit be welcome here amongst da ancient kings.

I shall carry da ashes, if you light da fires.

Know that any member of any other tribe may contest us. As our champion, we will need you to fend them off if they do.


You will receive:


Vol'jin. I must admit, I am impressed with his deeds. Had we met in dis world, I am sure he and I would have had much in common.


Upon acceptance
Master Gadrin says: We come bearin' da ashes of Vol'jin, son of Sen'jin, ta be honored in dis sacred place.
Princess Talanji says: Dis is an honor seldom awarded to one not of Zandalar. Come, walk de path with me and share dis Vol'jin's deeds.

Master Gadrin has the Carrying Ashes of Vol'jin buff. Interact with the Offering Brazier to continue.

Visions of Vol'jin and Bwonsamdi appear.
Master Gadrin says: Vol'jin made a deal wit' Bwonsamdi ta defeat da powerful Zalazane.
Vol'jin says: Aid us, Bwonsamdi! Help us regain our home! Return de Darkspear to de Isles, and hear your drums again! Drink your ritual offerings once more! Dis, as de Son of Sen'jin, I swear.

When the vision ends, Talanji and Gadrin continue across the bridge and are attacked by two Sandfury Challengers and then by a Gurubashi Berserker. Defeat them and continue to the next brazier.

Sandfury Challenger yells: No Horde filth gonna be worthy of dis place. We of da Sandfury challenge ya!
Gurubashi Berserker yells: No Darkspear! No dumb trolls in fancy troll place!
Visions of Vol'jin and Zul the Prophet appear.
Master Gadrin says: When Zandalar tried ta unite da troll tribes, Vol'jin chose da safety of his people over da prophet's dark powers.
Princess Talanji says: At de time, Zul's vision of a grand troll empire was very tempting to my father. I must commend your chieftain for seeing de bigger picture.

Then they continue to the final brazier and three Amani Challengers attack. Defeat them and interact with the final brazier.

Amani Challenger yells: Ya not gonna be bringing dat Horde lovin' traitor to dis sacred place!
Visions of Vol'jin and Garrosh Hellscream appear.
Master Gadrin says: When it be clear dat our warchief, Garrosh, be unwillin' ta lead wit' honor, Vol'jin led da rebellion ta depose da warmonger.
Princess Talanji says: It is a hard thing to do what your leaders will not.

Then they continue to the meeting stone. Turn in the quest.


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