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Vol'kaal (object)

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For the character, see Vol'kaal.

Vol'kaal is a tablet found in Zanchul in Dazar'alor.



Among the military of Zandalar are the elite dire trolls. These trolls are warriors who have perfected their arts, traded portions of their lives for the dark gift of brutal strength, and serve Zandalar as her greatest weapons of war.

Long ago it was decided that the dire trolls should always have a seat on the Zanchuli Council, to ensure that those special needs of the elite warriors were met by the government, and to provide the wisdom of war to those councilors who may seldom see a battlefront.

Of these elite, Vol'kaal was chosen for his strength, his power, and a strongly worded recommendation from Yazma. This would be the third dire troll appointed by Yazma, for they are short lived, and their minds are easily bent.

May his strength defend Zandalar to the end of his days!

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