BossVol'zith the Whisperer
Image of Vol'zith the Whisperer
Race N'raqi (Aberration)
Level 37-52 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Queen Azshara
Location Shrine of Shadows, Shrine of the Storm[0, 0]300px
Status Killable
Shrine of the Storm

Tidesage Council
Lord Stormsong
Vol'zith the Whisperer


Vol'zith the Whisperer is the final boss of Shrine of the Storm.

Adventure Guide

Sent by Queen Azshara to subvert the tidesages, Vol'zith whispers promises of power to those willing to listen.

Objective of


Vol'zith the Whisperer yells: Ugalazul bwrxil' qu rax.
Vol'zith the Whisperer whispers: Darkness roots. Pestilence spreads. The doorway is open.
Brother Pike says: Do not listen to its whispers! This horror will try to twist your souls!
  • Horde Rexxar says: It led us into its lair!
Rexxar says: Prepare yourselves. This beast will be a worthy hunt!
  • Aglathrax hig' thrixa.
I reside within your lungs!
  • ULL vera skish!!
You are mine!
Grasp of the Sunken City
  • Xul krass qi' UN skush!
Blood pours forth in the depths.
  • Skitsh qi'uthik illith!
Beneath the tides, your truth awaits.
Vol'zith the Whisperer yells: Bwixki amala zal qulllll...
Vol'zith the Whisperer whispers: I will await you... in the dark...
Queen Azshara says: You dare to interfere in my affairs? What makes you think you can oppose my will?
Horde Rexxar says: It is the law of the wild. The strong take from the weak.
Queen Azshara says: Enjoy this victory. It will be your last.
  • Alliance Brother Pike says: I can feel the dark presence receding. The shrine will be whole again.
  • Horde Rexxar says: The pearl is ours! With it, our vessels will become predators of the sea.
Rexxar says: Now then... time to carve a trophy.

Notes and trivia

  • When succumbed to the Void, the player transforms into a k'thir, applying a model of Disciple of Vol'zith.
  • Foreign versions of the game such as French or Russian call Vol'zith with feminine pronouns, though it is referred to as "it" in English.

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